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This Cashmere Clothing Brand Is Going To Change The Fashion Industry Forever

And we can get you a discount…

Pantera Bianca

It’s not very often that a brand comes along and completely blows us away. Well, today we want to share with you one of those rare gems of quality, affordability, and style.

All of the products shown below are available in 10 different colours.

#1 Who made this brand?

It's no industry secret that the best and most impressive companies are not built by uninterested money hungry businessman. The fashion industry is no exception to this rule . Passion for the craft can get you a long way, but a great product can get you further andΒ Pantera Bianca has both of those.

Built by two fashion savvy Italian students living in London who saw a problem with the fashion industry and are in the process of making waves correcting it.

#2 The problem with fashion…

If you're like me, you've spent hours and hours searching for quality clothing and trying to decide if that cheap cashmere jumper is cheap because it is bad quality, if the workers were living in terrible working conditions when they made it, or if it's a sad mixture of the two.

On the other end of the spectrum I don't want to have to spend $500 to simply get a good quality jumper, I'm not made of money...

What if there was a solution?

#3 About the brand…

This is the point that I am meant to introduce the brand and say how amazing it is, but it really speaks for itself. Pantera Bianca is the perfect blend of quality, style and ethics. The best part of it is that you get all of the amazing quality of a high end luxury brand for a fraction of the price.

#4 What do they offer?

Admittedly Pantera Bianca is a brand new company that has yet to establish a full season release, but their preliminary releases have blown us away here at Fupping. We bought some of their products and they are of outstanding quality, comfortable and affordable for everyone.

They currently have released men's and women's jumpers in two styles: scarves and beanies, all made out of high quality cashmere in Milano, the centre of fashion

#5 How can I get one of their products?

Luxurious 100% Cashmere Sweater Without the Luxury Markup

PanteraBianca Milano is raising funds for Luxurious 100% Cashmere Sweater Without the Luxury Markup on Kickstarter! A 100% Cashmere Sweater handmade by the finest artisans in northern Italy worth 600€+ for a fair and affordable price.

Well, this is the part were things get a little more complicated. Pantera Bianca has launched on Kickstarter. Now, I know when most people think of Kickstarter they think of all the high profile public failures of the top performing technology Kickstarters.

Well STOP! Pantera Bianca is not like them, they are not peddling some "as seen on TV," product that is too good to be real. They are not some amateurs with no experience. They have their products and supply line already in place.

Hell, I have one of their jumpers in my hand right now. You will get your jumper when the Kickstarter reaches their target (they hit 50% of their target within 5 days).

#6 The beanies they offer…

When people think of cashmere, they normally think of jumpers. Well I'm here to spread the little known fact that there is lots more products that can, and in my opinion, should be made of cashmere.

Pantera Bianca offers beanies that are so comfortable it should be illegal. Well worth a buy if you're looking to try out their brand and you're all stocked up on jumpers.

#7 If you’re going to get a beanie, you may as well get a scarf as well…

Let's be honest, beanies do not suit everyone... Well don't worry, you can still get some luxurious cashmere winter apparel to stay warm and stylish.

Pantera Bianca offers scarves in high quality cashmere, they come in 10 different colours to match any outfit.

#8 Hey, you mentioned something about a discount in the subtitle…

You're very right, I did indeed mention that we could get you a discount. Well that is half of a lie, we are not actually offering an exclusive discount for Fupping only readers.

However they do currently have a one time only sale going on during their Kickstarter, so hop on over there by clicking the 'buy now,' link below and get that discount.

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