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West London Escorts Reveal Their Biggest Turn-offs with Clients

When it comes to the do’s and do nots of dating, these girls know exactly what they don’t want.

Search the internet for info on how to get down, or sex tips for a fiery weekend, and sure enough you’re bound to stumble across some London escort advice. What makes these women the go to experts on what to do, are exactly the same reasons we go to them when we need to know which moves to take out of the playbook.

We sat down with the gorgeous professionals at Amys Escorts London to find out what it is that turns them off, and these classy ladies were happy to tell us exactly what you shouldn’t do when on a date with a woman. Whether or not she’s an escort.

Poor Hygiene

Hygiene is something that everyone needs to take a massive interest in. Showing up shabby not only makes you less than impressive, but it also shows that you have little respect for whomever it is you’re dating. Which is definitely a no no.

Alexa, 26, says “When a client has poor hygiene, it makes what should be a sexy encounter into a disgusting chore. No girl wants to be near a musty member, just as much as no man wants to be near a fishy fanny! Us girls take our hygiene very seriously, and we expect the same for our clients.”

As they say, treat others the way you want to be treated. And nobody wants to be treated to body odor and filth.


A theme that’s far too common among ladies in UK Escorting is rudeness. If you think being a gentleman has gone the way of the dodo, your intelligence may have as well. Treating any woman you date like a lady is at the top of the must do list. Open doors, compliment her, and don’t be afraid to listen while she talks. Learn how to romance like a pro, before you go.

Luna, 29, tells us “I’ll never forget this client I had a few years ago when I was just starting out. He thought he was better than me and had the moral high-ground, but still enlisted my services. Such a hypocrite! I guarantee you I enjoy my work more than the average accountant or banker, and am providing a service that is just as important and needed. I think some clients forget that we are people just like them. If you want a gal to just lie there and take abuse, you ought to just buy a sex doll!”

Few things are as incredibly sexy and appealing than a guy who knows how to make us feel like a woman. Leave the bropinions with the boys and always be on your best behavior.

Not Wanting to Wear Condoms

Nothing is more frustrating than getting hot and bothered only to have to haggle about condom use later. Apart from STI’s, STD’s and threats of unwanted pregnancy, the reality is that if a woman asks you to bring your rain jacket- just do it. We know, we know, you “can’t feel anything with a condom on”. Well, suck it up buttercup, because condoms are not up for discussion.

Nikki, 22, reveals “Condoms are mandatory in UK escorting. We don’t want to jeopardize our health or the health of our clients for a night of fun. It’s important we always use condoms to protect ourselves, even outside the world of UK escorting.”

Long story short? Everyone uses condoms. They’re safe, they’re effective. No one wants to have an impromptu sex-ed lesson after a great date.

Crossing Emotional Boundaries

A common occurrence in the life of a West London escort is a client who gets too attached, or seems less than capable of asking for and adhering to consented boundaries.

Carmen, 35, explains why a client who tries to blur the lines of professionalism and emotion is so uncomfortable, “A big part of our job is listening to our clients talk about their days, their troubles, or even their exes. It’s easy for them to think of us as girlfriends, but we aren’t. We are here to satisfy your needs, and there’s a line you can’t cross. It’s exhausting when a client thinks of the relationship between him and an escort is anything other than professional.”

Even outside of the professional spectrum, it’s always important to respect any boundaries that are given to you. No one wants to be treated like an object or possession. Pay close attention to what your date is telling you and always remember that no, really does mean no.


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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