Which Are The Top Paying Industries In Malta

Malta is a small yet budding nation in the middle of the Mediterranean. It is home to some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean sea and the oldest man-made structures on the planet. As of today, Malta has been growing greatly in terms of tourism, employment rates, and so much more.

Malta’s booming economy has actually helped certain industries flourish. For example, the medical cannabis, cryptocurrency, and online gaming industry are some that have significantly grown during the past few years.

Because of so, a lot of people in and around Malta are starting to pay attention to Malta’s accommodating job market. And one of the most asked questions regarding jobs in Malta is, which industries are the top paying ones?

Let’s learn all about the highest paying industries in Malta below. But first, let’s take a look at why people are starting to look for jobs in Malta.

Working in Malta

One of the best things about working in Malta is getting to live near some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. It’s also home to several architectural wonders that you won’t see anywhere else. Overall, it’s the handful of attractions makes Malta The best place to get the perfect work-life balance.

If you do a bit of research, you will find the average salary in Malta is actually below the European average salary. But don’t get dismayed just yet, Malta has significantly low-income tax rates that will allow you to get excellent financial security.

Moreover, the cost of living in Malta is so affordable that the average Maltese salary can help you afford medical care, savings accounts, insurance, and a place to call home.

How Much Can You Earn in Malta

According to a survey done by Salary Explorer, high Maltese salaries are priced € 8,000 and above. As for the minimum wage, the national minimum was set at €172.51 as of this year.

Another interesting thing about salaries in Malta is that employees are entitled to get a mandatory raise after completing a full year of work for the same employer. Additionally, completion of the second year of work can make employees entitled to a 3 euros per week raise.

Salary Incentives In Malta

One benefit that Maltese employees can enjoy is the so-called “statutory” bonus. A statutory bonus is a payment that’s added quarterly on top of the employee’s wage. As of today, the full statutory bonus is set at € 135.10 (payable every 6 months).

Moreover, there are some companies that even offer a living allowance that can cost 2 Euros a week.

Top Paying Industries in Malta

Now that you know a little bit more about what you can expect from working in Malta, let us now discuss the various high paying industries in Malta as of date. Let’s start from the top and work ourselves down to the bottom.

1. IT & Software Development

Median yearly salary: 44,000

With online gaming and cryptocurrency industries continuously booming in Malta, IT & Software development has become a high-demand industry over the recent years. One of the top paying jobs in the Maltese IT & Software industry is the Senior Full Stack Developer for Java.

Working as a Senior Full Stack Java Developer in Malta can help you earn €4,600 per month, which basically amounts to €55,000 per year.

To qualify as a Senior Full Stack Java Developer, you would have to possess a set of skills including coding, testing of applications, managing applications, and estimating project costs.

2. Marketing, Product & Communications

Median yearly salary: 42,000

With the digital world starting to gain an edge in Malta, the marketing, product, and communications industry is starting to take flight as well. This means you can put your digital marketing, design, and other creative skills to work and start making around €42,000 a year.

Some of the highest paying jobs in this industry are the project manager and key account manager roles. Working as a project manager can have you earning up to € 8,000 per month in Malta.

As for a key account manager position, you will need to act as a client liaison for a certain company. You’d also be responsible for making sure all of the company’s business goals are met. If this sounds like something that interests you, you may have a future at earning up to € 6,000 per month in Malta.

3. Consulting, Accounting & Professional Services

Median yearly salary: 30,000

With so many companies moving and starting to grow in Malta, consulting, accounting, and other professional services have quickly become high in demand. One of the top paying jobs in this sector is a compliance officer role.

Compliance officers in Malta can make up to €6, 000 per month or roughly €7,000 every year. What’s great about working as a compliance officer is that you get to work with a team.

Working in Malta is a truly attractive opportunity you shouldn’t hesitate to consider. If working in Malta interests you, you can search for work in Malta on job listing portals like


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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