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The Truth About Testosterone And Its Functions

You may ask yourself Its common knowledge testosterone is a key component in any healthy lifestyle, and low levels of the male-dominant hormone can be interpreted as an embarrassing issue in today’s scientific age.

Although produced in much greater levels by men, a lack of testosterone can be seen as an issue for both genders, and it’s important to address any concerns one might have regarding production levels in the body.

Abnormally low testosterone levels is an undesirable development due mainly to the symptoms it can induce, including decreased muscle mass (say it ain’t so), a less active libido, hair loss, and depression.

But fret not, as in today’s modern age, we have the tools at hand to combat a phenomenon that affects plenty of men once they hit that magic age of 30, and for some, even before that.

HGH Doctor is one such treatment organization in the field of testosterone therapy, and they provide some insight as to how you can keep low testosterone levels at bay.


We’ve already discussed some of the problems that can affect a man (and even some women) with abnormally “Low T”, and it’s essential not to allow such completely natural occurrences damage one’s well-being.

Here we provide a list of the most commonly occurring problems that can come as a result of waning testosterone, and it’s easy to see how some might shake a person’s confidence:

  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Chronically low energy
  • Low libido and erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced sense of wellbeing
  • Feelings of depression and irritability
  • Hair loss
  • Loss of mental focus

Private professionals are essential in such instances, owing to the fact science is always developing, and so those of the older generation may not be educated in such a field.

Not to mention the poor reputation words like “testosterone,” “hormone” and “steroids” have in certain circles. We’ve learned to shun these kinds of topics as bad or undesirable, when in fact, they’re a part of our biology that could be critical in fighting illness during the years to come.

Treatment Benefits and Side Effects

Testosterone deficiency isn’t yet an issue that just any local doctor will tackle, and so it’s important to properly research service providers near you who will take on the case.

Testosterone therapy is a very subtle version of what you see in elite sport, instead of attempting to turn you into a World Wrestling Entertainment superstar, the treatment merely aims to raise the subject’s level back to a healthy, normal level.

The benefits of testosterone therapy are many, here are the most valuable of them:

  • Increased strength and muscle mass. Testosterone treatment can help in reducing body fat and increase lean muscle mass at the same time.
  • Bone density. Men who undergo testosterone therapy more than 1 year would have an additional benefit of increasing their bone mineral density.
  • Stronger libido. Testosterone is known as a hormone that plays a vital role in our sexual life, both for men and women. As we age testosterone levels starts to decrease within each year. It leads to erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders. Study of 2009 shows that testosterone therapy has several benefits on overall sexual health and performance for the elderly.

However, there are possible side effects to take into account when applying for testosterone therapy; these include acne, shrinkage of the testicles, breast enlargement in men and alterations in hair growth patterns.

That being said, this all depends on the prescription amount, so be sure to properly research the amounts necessary to combat the issue and come to an agreement with your provider.


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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