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The Biggest Football Tournaments in the World

If you are a loyal fan of football, I am sure you know these major football leagues in the world. If not, read the below article right now!

Football is the most amazing sport on the planet with the largest number of spectators worldwide. Football brings to the fans so much emotion that few other sports can do.

A football match can let people experience a lot of different feelings like happiness, sadness, disappointment, surprise, etc. You can definitely watch the league and be able to know that update of the scores through live data for football matches. And you will definitely enjoy watching.

Let’s check out the major football tournaments in the world:

World Cup

The World Cup trophy is a dream of any football team in the world

The FIFA World Cup is the premier international football tournament organized every 4 years by the FIFA World Football Federation.

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The tournament consists of hundreds of the best and largest football teams from many countries in all continents. The tournament is organized exclusively for FIFA member countries.

The first tournament was held in 1930 and the World Cup was only interrupted twice in 1942 and 1946 because of the outbreak of the Second World War.

According to the latest news, FIFA has agreed to increase the number of teams from 32 to 48 in the 2026 World Cup.

This decision is a good opportunity for many football teams from different countries to participate in the largest tournament. This is an extremely revolutionary milestone and it has been well received by fans.

This tournament is a sports “party” where national football teams in the world compete for the championship.

And the World Cup championship is the most coveted trophy that any football team in the world craves for.

In football, nothing is impossible. When the ball has not rolled on the pitch, all predictions can go wrong. A prime example of the unpredictability in football was the 2018 World Cup.

It was a World Cup season that the audiences were taken aback by the failure of top football teams and the rise and shine of little known teams in the first round.

UEFA Champions League

The biggest football event at the club level

This is also another major football tournament limited to European clubs. It is held every year but keeps attracting billion of viewers at the stadium and through television.

It can be said that the tournament is the largest arena for Europe’s strongest clubs to compete. There are several rounds organized, including the qualifying round and the deciding round between the draw teams.

The final round will take place in May every year. The winning team will attend the European Super Cup (UEFA Super Cup) and the FIFA Club World Cup.

The football tournament also attracts a large number of television viewers. In the history of the tournament so far, the Real Madrid club is the most successful with the most impressive achievements.

Real Madrid has won the championship twelve times and possessed five trophies in the first five tournaments.

Premier League

Despite the small scale, this is a hot football tournament

Although it is the tournament of England, its influence has never been underestimated and is always one of the most attractive tournaments in the world.

The tournament also earns a huge amount of money thanks to broadcasting and copyright.

According to statistics, this tournament is currently the most watched tournament in the world. There are about 4.7 billion people waiting for the tournament to be broadcasted on many media channels worldwide.

The first season was held in 1992 with the participation of 47 clubs, but over the years, only six clubs have won the championship so far, including Chelsea, United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Blackburn Rovers, and Leicester City.

In the European arena, the competitions between Chelsea, MU, Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool always receive the most attention of football fans across the planet.

This is the third-ranked in UEFA coefficient for tournaments based on the performance of clubs in European tournaments in five consecutive seasons.

AFC Champions League

This is a playing ground for top best Asian football teams

The tournament, which is abbreviated as AFC, is an annual football league organized by the Asian Football League for national football championship clubs. The tournament consists of 32 clubs participating in the competition. The champions of the tournament will be eligible to represent the AFC football clubs participating in the FIFA World Cup.

The participating teams come from 18 AFC member countries who have passed the AFC Champions League preliminaries.

La Liga

All football teams in La Liga

The National Professional Football League, also known as La Liga, now has the participation of the 20 strongest Spanish club-level teams.

All teams will compete through 38 rounds to win the championship. This tournament usually starts in early August and ends in May next year.

With 20 teams participating in the tournament, one team will have to compete with the remaining 19 clubs according to home and away field formats. Therefore, one season will have 380 matches in 38 rounds. Matches are usually held on Saturdays and Sundays, some matches will take place on other days.

After 38 rounds, the team with the most points will win the La Liga championship. If two teams equal each other, other factors will be taken into account for the ranking.

The four highest-ranked teams will represent Spanish football in the European Cup.

The team ranked 5th and 6th will participate in the UEFA Europa League. Three teams at the bottom of the table will be relegated in the next season.

What do you guys think about all the above football events? If you know other big events, leave your comments right now. Click to get more football information.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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