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Are You A Traveler Or Tourist?

Much is said about travel, about tourism and how these terms relate. However, today more than ever, the difference between these two words is great. This can be seen as a physical transfer to a certain location, without consciously releasing any mental or spiritual displacement, because the mind and spirit never stop leaving home.

On the other hand, being a traveler is a consequence of travel. This can be defined as the process of physical movement in other places, bringing with you all the thoughts and energy of your spirit. Tourists travel to show others where they are; travelers send themselves to sink into the world. Tourists do not travel to experience new, unknown. The ideal for them is to share how happy they are on their journey. The dreams of travelers get lost in foreign cities. They seek goals, to meet in their adventures around the world. Their idea was to sink into experience, to become a child again.

Tourists dream of their homes, while travelers feel that their own home is a trip. True travelers know that a home is not a static place. Tourists miss beds, food at home, and miss a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the trip. The backpacker feels at home wherever he comes to rest. He knew there was nothing better than waking up in a completely different place. These people don’t believe in the comfort zone and that makes them so special.

Tourists maintain a normal diet. Travelers only eat what they never felt. Tourists do not change their eating or traveling habits. They only choose what they have eaten at home and tend not to try new dishes. A traveler walks with his head wide open to taste everything from wherever he goes. After all, what’s fun going to a different place and eating everything you’ve eaten at home? The focus is always on eating as specific and local as possible, risking even sometimes, eating in food stalls around the world.

The tourist values a trip of comfort and convenience. The traveler believes in the mantra of the no-frills trip. Already the traveler believes in another bias. For him, real travel is all about walking, taking local public transport and venturing through cities by making their own itineraries. Tourists walk in colonies; travelers build their tribes from place to place.

Tourists take with them a whole closet of objects, clothes and everything they believe will be critical to the trip. The best clothes, the latest smartphone and / or any other material that makes them or helps them look good on social media photos. The traveler lives the moment. He is enjoying every bit of that trip. His head is capturing every detail of the most curious and intriguing aspects of the place he is in, and the people who live there.

So…who are you? Are you a traveler or just a tourist? Only you can answer this question! Whoever you are, you need to know interesting facts that might be useful to guide you on your journey. Visiting sites like can help.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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