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Modern and Elegant Glass Panels for Windows, Shower Enclosures and Shelves

 Glass has been one of the major interior elements for a very long time. Even from the old age like the medieval period, we managed to make quite sturdy and elegant glass types. With time, glass making has improved and evolved quite a lot.

Today, you have many choices when it comes to glass types and their finishes. Modern glass types are beautiful, elegant and very durable at the same time. Perfect design and color customizations always provide a suitable option for every interior and exterior.

Custom Glass Cut to Size panels are available for many different uses as well in all kinds of interiors. From outside window types to bathroom shower enclosures, all uses are perfectly applicable with the right type of glass sheets.

Here are some types of glass you should consider for your modern domestic or commercial interiors:

Regular Clear Glass Panels with Strengthened Finish

Clear glass has always been one of the most popular types for many domestic and commercial settings. Used in doors, windows, shelves and wall pieces, these glass sheets are perfectly rigid and long lasting. Choice of regular thick glass sheets, laminated glass panels or tempered glass types is available.

From exterior window installations to office space separators, clear glass sheets are seen commonly. When you get them in strengthened glass types, their durability and longevity will provide great benefits for a long time.

Their smooth surfaces provide a luxurious finish as well. There is also the choice of plexiglass panels available for indoor usage as well. These provide additional safety and shatter-resistant properties alongside their crystal-clear finishes for all kinds of uses.

Frosted Glass Panels for Windows and Doors

Windows and doors for homes use custom Glass Panels of different types. Frosted glass has been a popular type as it provides strength and privacy at the same time. Frosted finish for such type of glass is provided from within.

Its internal layers are oxidized during the manufacturing process giving it a deep and elegant look. Sheets and panels are available in all sizes for perfect fittings in doors and windows. However, too large frosted glass panels often don’t provide same durability as smaller sized ones.

With this perfect design and finish, you can have these in any windows and doors. Fixtures should be sturdy without letting the glass in them move at all. This would keep them safe from damage of any kind and possible cracking as well.

Rained Glass for Shower Enclosures and Doors

Glass manufacturing processes keep getting better with time. If you are looking for something fancy for your shower enclosures or doors, rained glass is a great option. These rained glass panels are formed in a way that they always give the illusion of being rained on.

As shower enclosures are always dealing with water, you will not have to keep wiping them off. Their natural rain pattern will keep them looking similar at all times. Using your lighting intelligently, you can create truly amazing look and feel with these.

Even for your bathroom entry door, this rained pattern can be made use of. Privacy is also another benefit you get with this glass type. Both sides of shower can be separately used by more than one people at the same time in shared bathrooms.

Tinted or Colored Glass for Various Purposes

Tinted or colored glass types have been used very popularly throughout the years. Domestic and commercial windows, doors and other implementations have made use of these beautifully. For office environments, space separators are used perfectly with tinted or colored glass types.

Windows and doors for homes and commercial buildings are made to look and feel great with tinted glass as well. This tinting process is carried out by adding color figments in the internal layers of glass sheets. A deep color tint is available when right processes are followed.

Fancy colors for glass sheets also make them perfectly suitable for any interior design themes. Whichever color you need for your window glass panels, you will have the option with tinted and colored glass.

Patterned Glass Designs for Different Uses

Patterned glass is also a very suitable option for many different usage requirements. These are available in multiple color patterns and also in-side patterned designs in artistic finishes. Privacy feature is also available with these perfect patterned glass pieces.

These glass slabs are usually quite thick and durable having to have inside designed sheets. These are also perfect for office type environments and also domestic bathroom showers, windows and doors implementations. You will get a beautiful artistic piece for all fancy design requirements.

However, patterned type glass sheets are usually quite a bit expensive than frosted or plain ones. If you can look past their price points, amazing designs are to be enjoyed with different installation styles.

Antique Church Style Mosaic Glass Panels with Lots of Color

Almost everyone admires the beautiful glass designs in churches and religious buildings. Their multiple color mosaic designs make them perfect for any color themes in modern interiors. Whether you are looking for colorification of your interiors or let in colorful daylight, these will provide many benefits.

This idea may be antique and in place from really old times. Colorful mosaic glass sheets of today look much better than their old counterparts too. You will be quite happy with this implementation provided you have done it right.

Laminated Glass Provides Best Durability and Safety

As with all types of Glass Cut to Size panels, safety and security is of number one concern for everyone. You simply don’t want glass near you that can cause any injuries in any conditions. For this, laminated glass panels usually come most useful.

Many designed glass types are available with laminated style of manufacturing. This has more than one sheets of glass sandwiched together with clear adhesives. The end result is a glass sheet that is virtually shatter-proof.

You are much better off by using secure safety glass in interiors that is laminated glass. This type will always provide great safety benefits with 100% clarity at all times of the day.


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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