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Something You May Not Know About The Bathroom Renovation

Before start we are thinking about planning the house remodeling… But in regard to the bathroom remodeling, you will face even more challenges as this particular room should combine many features at the same time. Practical, multi-functional and hygienically clean while still comfortable and relaxing. 

Please be ready for all the difficulties but knowing the most difficult parts can let you make the process less stressful and more delightful.

How to avoid common mistakes

  • First of all, kindly find time at least for several meetings with the contractor or designer you are planning to hire. It will be very difficult to move forward before making sure this step is fully clear. Even if you choose the most experienced and reputable remodeling company, it’s always better to discuss all the details starting from the type of the bathtub and shower and ending with the location of the sockets. Every project is different, especially if you have your own idea and not the one from the catalogs. Of course, you will be provided with the detailed project (nowadays you can even get a 3D version which will show you exactly what the final result will look like). Even though the tones of the light, the plumbing and electricity hidden components and many other points should be checked and agreed on.Meanwhile, the choice of the remodeling company you are planning to deal with is one more challenge. Today you can find plenty of them, universal and specialized, and depending on your particular needs you have to choose the one which skills and portfolio are suitable with your requirements. Thus, in the case of the modern, original and creative design it’s better to give preference to the contractor with an appropriate experience in comparison with the one with a more traditional and classic approach. Of course, any professional team can follow up your specific requests but the result still can be different.
  • Proper calculations will protect you from the unexpected final cost. Usually, the most expensive components of the bathroom remodeling project, besides the labor cost, are sanitary engineering, cabinets and shelves, numerous surfaces and hardware. Again, this is just the common practice and if you are planning to involve complex pipes and tubes IDA design and build recommends you to be ready to leave some extra budget for this purpose. The range of the average prices of the projects can vary from a few thousands of dollars up to infinity. And if you have a very limited budget and cannot afford to spend a few thousands more, it’s better to inform the contractor about it. To have a full understanding of what to expect you can use the recommended calculation – the overall cost of the bathroom remodeling should not exceed 10 % of the price of the whole house.
  • Proper basis – tiles – requires your special attention. Before going too deep into the colors and shapes, your contractor’s task is to make sure these tiles will be suitable for the humid bathroom air. Nowadays you don’t need to limit yourself with just a couple of options like it was before. Cement, stone, porcelain or the more traditional ceramic tiles, even the models made of glass – everything depends on your own preferences and the desired design of the room. These materials are water-resistant and solid enough while represented in a great variety of shades you can choose from. The only essential point here is to make a choice between stylish glossy tiles which will look shining all the time but require additional mats to avoid slipping after shower and the more practical matte options.
  • Arrangements of the lighting of the bathroom is one of the most complex tasks. A small mistake can turn all your effort to the wasting of time and money. In comparison with other rooms of the house, the bathroom needs a proper light which will be both bright enough for the morning procedures and soft and warm for relaxation after a long day. It’s pretty difficult to find one main light which will successfully deal with both tasks so you should think about it.There are few main points to consider:
  • If your bathroom is originally pretty dark and small, you should place the bright lamp on the ceiling in the middle of the room so all the corners will be lightened properly. For this purpose, the diffuse lamp is the best option. The location of the mirrors in this case also plays an essential role as too much reflection can spoil the effect. Also, the color of the countertops is making the difference and too much light above the light-colored patterns should be avoided;
  • For the ladies it is important to have a proper light near the mirror to do make up. Instead of placing spotlights around the mirror, it’s better and more efficient to choose the fluorescent lighting on the mirror’s sides while they will not bother you when you are taking bath;With the spacious bathroom with a big window you don’t need to put too much effort to make the room bright. A couple of the bra or lamps can make the bathroom ready for any time of the day (and night).When planning the lighting in the bathroom, please discuss with your contractor that it’s one of the most commonly used rooms and the economy of the lamps is having not less importance than their aesthetic and practical meaning. If you are willing to invest a little bit more at the beginning but to take care about your budget in the future, you should inform the contractor to prepare for you a proper project of the lighting
  • Bathroom should be not only tidy and comfortable. One of the main purposes of the remodeling is to add extra strength and durability to the room. And you cannot do it without the usage of the grout for the tiles. It will not only make the overall construction more stable and solid but also will protect the wall from dirt, moisture and mold. Cement is the most commonly used material for the bathroom with some small exceptions, for example, the shower area – here you should better give preference to the synthetical materials which are more suitable for the direct water touches. In regard to the color, it’s recommended to choose neutral shades which will match the overall design of the tiles and while you will not have to clean it every few weeks.
  • To use the bathroom properly, you need some space to keep the items you are using on a daily basis. And it’s always better if you plan the type and location of the cabinets and shelves while projecting instead of adding them when everything is done. Usually, we need only a place to keep the toiletries as well as some extra space near the mirror to use the hairdryer, shaver and cosmetics. Also, the professional remodeling company has to add into the planning the location of the hangers for the towels as well as some niches or shelves in the shower itself. When knowing these details in advance you and the contractor can better arrange the bathroom area so you will not experience any inconvenience when using it.
  • Shower or bathtub? If you cannot afford both items (because of the small bathroom or the limited budget) kindly ask your contractor to disclose to you all the advantages and disadvantages of both types as well as consider your personal habits and wishes. Also, the configuration of the room itself can significantly affect your choice. We would like to mention in this regard one new achievement of the technologies and bathroom design – inbuilt bath and shower. You don’t need any more to sacrifice free space while such items are still comfortable and convenient (unless you are too tall). Of course, the separate bathtub can look more luxurious and fashionable, but it will also require more care and cleaning procedures on a weekly basis. 
  • Tips for the small bathroom. You should not get discouraged if the size of your bathroom is not allowing you to implement the favorite concept. Nowadays you can turn your small bathroom into a really comfortable and attractive area. First of all, the designer needs to pay attention to the size of the toilet as well as its location. An inbuilt toilet can be a great solution if you have a proper thickness of the walls while a petite toilet will fit almost any size of the bathroom. The same we would say also about the sink and the cabinets – unless you have a real necessity, it’s better to give preference to tidier options. Finally, if you have two separate rooms for the toilet and the bathroom and their size is not suitable for you, you can consider the combined option.

There are many more concerns you may face while planning the remodeling of the bathroom. For example, to combine or to separate the toilet with the main room, to use a more classical interior or to make your bathroom a piece of art etc. All of them require some additional time for projecting, calculations, checking pros and cons of each particular variant. But at the end, regardless of the option you choose, it’s possible to make it work for you both from the practical and ergonomic perspective.

Another point to mention (and this will be very good news for those who don’t have a budget for a full bathroom renovation) – in most cases there is no real need to do a full remodeling. If you have some issues with the tiles or you are already tired of the interior you have for many years it’s enough to arrange some small refreshments. Here it is important to mention that traditionally the bathroom complex repairing is recommended to be done once per 7-10 years. It’s a long period and, of course, you may need to do some touches during this time but it will definitely not cost you thousands of dollars. 

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Written by Marcus Richards

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