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Local Must-Try Cuisine In The United Kingdom

People travel to the United Kingdom for plenty of reasons – distinct European culture, plenty of historical sites, stunning natural grounds, and many more! However, no trip is fulfilled without you getting acquainted with the local cuisine!

A country’s gastronomy is an inseparable part of its identity, so it is essential that you try at least some of it. So, let’s check which of the authentic UK meals you should taste on your next trip!

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips is that iconic signature British dish that every frequent traveler is well-acquainted with. So whether you are tired after sightseeing and want something quick and refreshing or crave a full meal at the end of the day, Fish and Chips are the go-to!

The dish is mainly fried fish that can be of any kind, accompanied by some delicious crispy chips. People love it with a glass of cold beer or even wine!

It is actually unknown who created this emblematic British meal, but as far as the world knows – nothing represents the UK as well as this combination, does.

You will find plenty of restaurants and small diners serving it, either for a takeaway or a proper sit-down meal. So, do not miss out!

Beef Stew

The Irish Beef Stew is the epitome of what a good comfort meal is supposed to be. Adored by the locals and tourists, the dish might seem a bit primitive, but once you try it – nothing even compares!

Composed of beef, vegetables, potatoes, flour, tomato paste, and broth, the stew is perfect for a cold evening or a rainy day, as you get many of those in Ireland. The top trick is to enjoy it with a glass of Guinness beer, yet another one of Ireland’s pride. The combination is perfect and unique, so you might want to go for seconds!

You can find Beef Stew in all places in Ireland. You can try it after a long drive to the wild grounds of Connemara, the capital city, or by taking the Dublin to Galway train and visiting the best restaurants there! So, instead of looking for the perfect city to try the dish, just point anywhere!

Bangers and Mash

You might see a pattern here, and that is that United Kingdom’s cuisine consists mainly of full, satiating meals that leave no room for anything else for a while. Well, Bangers and Mash fits the category, and you should definitely give it a try!

This very cozy and homely meal is not your typical sausages and mashed potatoes! Yes, it is quite easy and cheap to make, but once prepared in the English kitchen, it gets this specific, spicy flavor, softened by butter and milk.

The English love it for lunch or dinner, especially before hitting the bars. This way, they can forgo the snacks and enjoy a beverage on a full stomach. However, we suggest avoiding it for breakfast as it might be a bit much.

Full English Breakfast

Speaking of breakfast, trying out their traditional spread is an absolute must. We cannot stress this enough – a Full English Breakfast while in the UK is essential!

Do not get too hung up on the name – depending on where you are in the UK, it can be called a Full Scottish, Irish, or Welsh Breakfast. The premise is the same. The locals jokingly say that this meal is so loved because it helps if you have a hangover, but no worries, you can eat it all the same!

The dish consists of sausage, eggs, beans, toast, hash browns, tomatoes, black pudding, and a bunch of other sides if you choose to add them. No worries if you are a vegetarian – they have plenty of variations for this as well. Now, grab a fork and dig in!

Beef Wellington

Even by the name, you can tell that this is yet another iconic, signature meal, perfectly representing the UK. Elegant, rich, and completely enjoyable, Beef Wellington fits both categories of rich people’s food and a simple dinner meal.

It is essentially the finest fillet stake, wrapped up in delicious, crispy pastry and served with a sauce of your choice. We suggest grabbing a glass of wine with it. Beer works as well, but since it has been regarded as a British delicacy for several centuries, it is kind of accepted and expected to pair it with rich drinks. We guarantee your satisfaction!

You can find Beef Wellington at all kinds of places – a family-owned local diner, a 5-star Michelin restaurant, or even some takeaway places. Whichever you choose, the result will be equally pleasing.

There you go! Five rich and satisfactory meals to add to your UK encyclopedia. Try all of them, and you will be an expert! Even if some ingredients sound a bit bizarre or distasteful, be brave and have the bite – if anything, you will get the experience. Enjoy!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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