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How To Maintain A Waukesha Pump

Waukesha pumps are essential for keeping industrial operations running smoothly. But like all machinery, they require regular maintenance to keep them running correctly. Waukesha pumps are a type of centrifugal pump used for various applications. This article will show you how to maintain a Waukesha pump. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Waukesha pump?


The Waukesha pump is a positive displacement pump, which moves liquid by displacing it from one chamber to another. They are known for their high efficiency and handling of high flow rates and pressures. You can purchase an affordable pre-owned or surplus pump from the global food processing equipment supplier Genemco.

Waukesha pumps are often used in the food processing industry and are available in various configurations. They are also available in multiple sizes, from a few hundred gallons per minute (GPM) to thousands of GPM. The Waukesha pump is known for its reliability and durability and can handle a wide range of viscosities and flow rates. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, which makes it a popular choice for food processing applications. The Waukesha pumps are some of the most versatile and reliable pumps on the market today. They are used in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, pulp and paper, and more. These pumps are unique in their design, able to handle some of the most difficult applications, and built to last.

How do you maintain the oil level on a Waukesha?

Maintaining a Waukesha is straightforward, but following the correct steps is essential to ensure the pump’s longevity and proper operation. The first step is to check the pump’s oil level. The oil level should be checked before every start-up, and it’s important to use the correct type of oil, as specified by the pump manufacturer. The oil level should be between the high and low marks on the dipstick. If the oil level is low, add the appropriate type of oil until it reaches the correct level.

What systems should be checked before start-up?

The valves should be checked before every start-up, and they should be adjusted if necessary. The valves should be adjusted to close completely and sit tightly against the valve seat. If the valves are not adjusted correctly, it can cause the pump to run hot. In addition, the cooling system should be checked and the electrical system should be plugged into a grounded outlet protected by a circuit breaker.

How do you check the valve clearance?

When it comes time to check the clearances on a Waukesha, you will need to remove the end covers. The first step is to measure the thickness of the end disks. This can be done with a caliper or a micrometer. Once you have this measurement, you can use a clearance chart to determine the clearance between the disk and the impeller hub. You should also check the clearance between the disk and casing. This can be done by measuring the thickness of a washer that will fit between them.

How can you monitor a Waukesha’s performance?


One important way to maintain a Waukesha pump is to monitor its performance. You can check the pump’s discharge pressure, suction pressure, and flow rate. If the discharge and suction pressure are not performing, you may need to adjust the pump’s valves or increase the system’s head pressure. If your flow rate is not where it should be, you may need to adjust the pump’s speed or change its impeller size.

Maintaining a Waukesha helps keep the pump running smoothly and prevents significant damage or problems. By following the tips in the guide, users can help extend their pump’s life and ensure it’s operating perfectly.

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