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6 Major benefits of Microsoft Power BI you must know

Microsoft Power BI, one of Microsoft’s latest and greatest reporting tools, allows users to quickly build and share visually rich, interactive dashboards and reports on data from all over the organization. These reports can then be used to make decisive business decisions that drastically improve your organization’s efficiency, transparency, and profitability. Here are six significant benefits of Microsoft Power BI you must know if you’re considering adopting this business intelligence tool in your company:

Power BI can provide business intelligence for all

Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence tool that can provide business intelligence for all areas within your organization. Power BI works with desktop and mobile apps, so you can use it to create dashboards for real-time reporting on data relevant to your business. It offers a variety of features for exploring and presenting data, including geographic mapping and interactive visualization. It also integrates with many other popular services like Salesforce, Google Analytics, Workday, Box, and Office 365.

Power BI brings data to life

The goal of Power BI is to take any data and turn it into a visual story that anyone can understand. No matter how complex your data is, Power BI can bring it to life with charts, graphs, and maps. However, all isn’t quite perfect yet. While it’s easy to get started, if you want to advance your reports and make them as robust as possible (which you should), there are some limitations in terms of formatting options and power-user features. Power BI course free training course from Microsoft will teach you everything you need to know about Power BI so that you can start using it right away.

Power BI is secure

Like any business-intelligence application, Power BI stores and analyzes valuable data for an organization. The last thing you want is a rogue employee accessing that information or using it to find new ways to hack into your company’s network. To properly secure your Power BI environment, start placing it on its dedicated server. Some companies choose to install their Power BI applications on Azure Virtual Machines—which can be more secure than hosting them in-house.

Power BI easily connects to many data sources

One of Power BI’s greatest strengths is integrating with many data sources. The program connects with more than 200 data sources, including some not built-in or available to most users, such as SAP and Teradata. You can quickly transform data sets into a standard format using Power Query and create great visuals on any device using Power View. You can even connect to the Hadoop File System (HDFS) to use advanced analytical tools to mine patterns in your data.

Power BI has artificial intelligence capabilities

The Power BI application uses artificial intelligence to analyze data, add new information, and make recommendations. For example, when you pull up a graph in Power BI with sales figures for 2018 and compare them to previous years, it can recognize patterns that humans might overlook. It’s like having a personal assistant who stays on top of your organization’s data while giving feedback.

Power BI apps – an excellent means of sharing content

Power BI apps allow you to share content with your colleagues. Power BI apps have a lot of built-in capabilities, but they also offer robust integration with many other services, like Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365. You can use Power BI apps to pull information from these different systems without leaving Power BI. As a result, your data is consolidated into one place and more easily accessible than ever before.


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Written by Marcus Richards

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