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How to Protect Construction Workers From the Sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun can become damaging. This can lead to burns and heat stroke in the short term, as well as skin cancer over a longer period of time. And construction workers will be especially vulnerable as they’ll often be working in the sun all day over summer. Below, we explore how you can protect construction workers from the sun.

Wear proper clothing and gloves

It’s easy to forget about your hands when it comes to the sun. If you’re working on a construction site, then sunscreen on your hands could make them slippery. Instead, it’s best to wear sturdy gloves that can also protect you from cuts. On top of this, workers should also wear appropriate clothing. Lightweight overalls can protect your body from the sun as you work.

Use head protection

Your head is also another vulnerable area when it comes to the sun. However, by using head protection you can meet different types of safety protocols in one. Workers will be protected from head injuries while also having a defence against the sun.

Wear safety eyewear

Your eyes can also become damaged by bright light from the sun over time. You can help protect your construction workers from the glare of the sun by kitting them out with safety glasses.

Use sunscreen even if it is cloudy

If there’s any part of the skin that’s left exposed, it’s best to use sunscreen to protect that area. Sunburn and damage can still occur even if it’s cloudy. As such, it’s important to create a culture where sunscreen is used cautiously and frequently.

Make shade where possible

Heatstroke is a danger for construction workers. Usually, if you’re suffering with heatstroke you can cool down in the shade within 30 minutes – but it can become serious if not. Make sure there’s shade available on the construction site and encourage workers to take frequent breaks.

Food and drink

Food and drink are important for keeping energy levels high and regulating the body’s temperature. Ensure that workers have plenty of time to refuel and set up drinks stations over the summer.

Look out for each other

Sometimes even the best precautions won’t be enough on the hottest days. In this situation, you’ll need employees to spot danger and look out for each other. Ensure that your workers are trained about the dangers of the sun and equip them to look out for each other on hot days.

Hot, sunny days bring a lot of excitement in the UK – but they can also be dangerous. Make sure you follow the advice above to promote heat safety in your workplace.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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