How to Look Up Mugshots Online: What Information Do I Need?

If an arrest has happened in your neighborhood, your prime concern becomes the safety of yourself, your family, and your community as a whole. However, details can sometimes be limited, based on the offender, the criminal charges that the person is facing, or the jurisdiction where the crime occurred. Thankfully, there are search engines out there to help the average person find out important information that is a matter of public record.

What is a mugshot?

A mugshot is a photo taken by a law enforcement agency or county jail during the booking process after a person is arrested on a criminal charge. These mugshots, also known as booking photographs, are meant to be public information. That’s why you commonly see them when you open your local newspaper or turn on the evening news. However, these photos can sometimes be hard to track down. A slow booking process is sometimes to blame, or expungement of criminal record information. That’s why it’s important to know how to look up mugshots when you can’t track down the information as easily as you wish.

A mugshot search using a service like or GoLookUp combs through a national database to obtain these photos, as well as more detailed information related to that arrest. An individual booking photo can lead to a criminal record report, as well as arrest records, public records, background checks, and court records. When creating an account, you have unlimited access to a database. With real-time public records, services like GoLookUp offer a plethora of data anytime you need it to give you and your neighbors some peace of mind.

What’s the purpose of a mugshot?

A mugshot search can help you find booking photographs of people you know or don’t know as part of a criminal record lookup. This will uncover valuable information about a person’s criminal past that is the public’s right to know. These mugshots are important to learn basic information like the jurisdiction that is handling the case. However, arrest mugshots also help to distinguish between people of the same name. When searching through these public records, you want to make sure you are looking into the right person. After all, you don’t want a person who doesn’t deserve blame for a criminal charge to have to deal with that crux.

A mugshot lookup service can help you find out if that arrestee has a criminal record. This will help you determine the risk of having this person within your community. You’ll also be able to see if there’s access to a police report as a matter of public record to understand what this person is being charged with and what occurred in these circumstances. Learning the nature of these crimes can give you a look into the booking date, as well as the county courthouse that is set to handle the criminal trial.

What’s the best way to find a mugshot?

Searching for mugshots can reveal a lot of facts about criminal records. The best way to search for booking photographs is to access public records that contain arrest information. There are several ways to comb through these mugshots by contacting law enforcement agencies that maintain these records. GoLookUp offers a free look at criminal history and arrest mugshots. You also don’t have to wait several days to several weeks to get search results like you would reaching out directly to arresting officers and district attorney’s offices.

An online directory like GoLookup affords you the need to track down arrest information without waiting for officials to release the data you need. Just having the last name of the arrested party can put you on the right track toward getting the information you need regarding the booking. Getting this information in real time can spare an applicant tons of time and provide peace of mind a lot faster.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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