Underrated Countries to Visit in 2022

Wondering where to go on your first international holiday post-lockdown? Here are some of the most underrated countries worth a visit in 2022.


Although Greenland is the world’s largest island, it has a very small population who are more than accommodating to visitors. More than 80% of the country is covered in a gigantic glacier, making it the perfect location for those looking to experience something new in 2022 on their holiday.

There might not be any golden beaches or warm seas, but there’s lots to be reveled at in the polar landscape, including the infamous Northern Lights. In summer there are 24-hour days, giving you ample opportunity to spot some of the native wildlife, such as reindeer, humpback whales, and walruses.

Falkland Islands

Located off the coast near southern Argentina are the Falkland Islands. The human population is minimal, but there is more than enough wildlife to go round. The islands are home to vast swathes of birds, including multiple species of penguins such as the rockhopper, king, gentoo, and jackass penguins. As well as these lovable aquatic animals, you can also see native albatross’.

It’s not just birds, though, you can also spot elephant seals, orcas, baleen whales, and sea lions. If you’re into undisturbed wildlife, the Falkland Islands are an underrated but well worth it place to vacation in 2022.


Lebanon recently made the news for the explosion at the port, prompting a worldwide Lebanon aid response, but this event doesn’t define the entire country. In fact, in recent years, Lebanon has invested heavily into making its capital, Beirut, a place of international significance. It’s going through a Dubai-style revolution, with skyscrapers and luxury hotels popping up on every corner. There are now a host of designer boutiques adored by the rich and famous, and there’s more investment than ever into tourism.

With this in mind, holidaying along Beirut’s marina could be in contention to be your vacation destination in 2022.


We could all do with a dose of happiness after the last two years, and this makes Bhutan the perfect place to go on your next holiday. It’s a small country and not one that many people think about, but it’s well worth a visit if you’re able. Bhutan is a country like no other – it prioritizes happiness above all else, and that’s everyone there is far happier than anywhere else.

It’s hard not to be happy in such a diverse and beautiful landscape. From mountains high in the sky to deep valleys down below, there’s no place quite like Bhutan on Earth. On top of the beautiful scenery is a rich culture which you can observe through events like Paro and Thimphu. For a cultural vacation like no other, head to Bhutan in 2022.


Peru is most famous for two things: Machu Picchu and Paddington Bear. In all seriousness, Peru was home to some of the oldest civilizations, including the Inca who built Machu Picchu – now regarded as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. If you’re interested in history, this is one of the most mysterious locations in the world, but it’s not just for ancient explorers.

Just 250 acres of rainforest in Peru has more than 6,000 types of plants. In addition to rainforests there are rich coastlines that are home to countless species of fish, and mountain ranges that host some of the most impressive birdlife in the region, as well as llamas and alpacas.

For one of the most diverse vacations, head to Peru next year.


Planning a holiday after two years of next to no international travel can seem overwhelming, but hopefully these underrated locations have given you some food for thought.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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