Are Today’s Cricket Stars Better Players Than Cricket Legends from Years Gone By?

With the ICC T20 World Cup around the corner, cricket fans are glued to their TV screens, cheering for their favourite team and players. Cricket has long been and continues to be one of the most loved sports across the globe.

However, have you ever wondered how the cricket stars of today stack up against the legends of the past? Do the young blood have the same extraordinary talent as those legends? Let’s delve into this question and look at a few of the remarkable players who have created history and others who are on their way to creating one. 

The Top Cricket Legends of All Time

Even with the talent shining on our TV screens and cricket pitches of today, we can’t forget the legends who have stunned us with their game and exceptional bowling skills. Let’s start by revisiting history and check out a few pf the greatest players who deserve a special mention even today.

Don Bradman

Famously known as “The Don,” Bradman is one of the greatest Australian sportsmen of all time, without a doubt. His test record remains unbeatable even today. Even though cricket as a sport didn’t get much recognition in the early years, Bradman overcame all obstacles to set new benchmarks in the sport. His major achievements included scoring 974 runs against England. 

Kapil Dev

The former Indian cricketer and Team India captain is the epitome of vigour and passion in the sport. It was thanks to Dev’s captaincy that the Indian Cricket India brought their first World Cup home in 1983. The greatest all-rounder of all time and the Indian cricketer of the century is undoubtedly the pride of Indian cricket. Kapil Dev was the greatest pace bowler of his time and the only cricketer to have scored over 5,000 runs and 400 wickets in international test matches.

Brian Lara

Lara is best known as the ultimate left-handed batsman and could replace Sir Viv Richards, another legend. Known as the Michael Jordan of Cricket, this West Indies player broke all the records of his time and secured the position of best batsmen in all the matches he played.

One of the finest batsmen of all time, known for his finesse, attacking style, and undying stamina, Lara made some of the most effective innings in cricket history. Even though his cricket career was controversial and he had a challenging childhood, he smashed all the test matches of his time.

Young Cricketers who Could Create History

There is no denying that the legends above will have their names secured in the cricket hall of fame and every fan’s heart forever. However, the modern generation also has its bright stars. These budding talents across the globe are already winning hearts with their incredible talent.

From international matches to T20 leagues, these young bloods have proven their passion and skill against tough players. So who stands out in today’s world cricket team?

Virat Kohli

The world’s current best batsman and Indian cricket team captain, Kohli, is one of the highest-paid cricketers in India. Due to his exceptional performance in a short period of time, he has received numerous awards and accolades, such as the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award and the prestigious Padma Shri award.

Known for his aggressive and fearless approach towards cricket, Kohli rarely disappoints the Indian cricket team. His hunger to win has always made him strive to do his best for his country.

Rashid Khan

Khan is one of the best young cricketers globally and is the pride of the Afghanistan cricket team. He was also the youngest cricketer to represent his country in T20 internationals and showcased a brilliant performance.

Best known for his IPL and T20 performances, Khan is the quickest bowler and spinner of the Afghanistan team. With his hard-hitting ability, he is sure to take his team to a new level, and we think he’ll soon be known for his spinning wizardry.

Steve Smith

One of the greatest batsmen of the current era, Smith has drawn comparisons to Don Bradman. He was one of the most remarkable players during Australia’s World Cup win. He’s also the youngest captain to lead Australia in test cricket, dominating the ICC test rankings.

Legends vs. Young Bloods: Who is Better?  

Sachin Tendulkar was a great batsman. So is Virat Kohli.

But can we really compare them? Legends have made records while youngsters have broken them to create new ones. Both sets of players have proven their worth and have enjoyed immense admiration and support from fans worldwide.

We can never compare based on the records they created. The struggle was there and is still there, but times are different. Cricket has evolved, creating more opportunities for young players and better training as well as more experienced coaches, which was hard to find a few decades back.

Wrapping Up

Cricket is the one of the most loved and watched sports worldwide, and most of us are greatly inspired by the best cricket players. It will always be a challenge to compare the golden legends and rising stars of the world’s cricket teams. The times are different, game formats are different, but the hunger to win, the passion to rise above the competition, and the loyalty towards their country will always be the same.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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