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Reasons to Choose Infor M3 Solutions for Better Business Functionality

Infor M3 is a robust, cloud-based ERP system that aids in resource planning for medium and large enterprises across industries. It comes up with lots of functionalities that allow it to integrate with other platforms. Due to its flexibility and adaptability, it is relevant in industries from chemical to distribution, equipment to fashion, food and beverage, to industrial manufacturing industries.

Infor M3 Solutions offers a host of features for industries. Here, please take a look at them.

Key Features


  • Helps planning by-products and co-products
  • Allows users to optimise their formulas.
  • Supports quality management and traceability protocols
  • Templates for managing regulatory compliance.
  • Features for tank liquid management.


  • Support features for end-to-end distribution management.
  • Helps in order fulfilment across multiple channels
  • Offers support for managing rebate and value-added services
  • Helps manage inventory, warehouse, and transportation
  • Provision for traceability and lot allocation.

Food and Beverage:

  • Features specific for the food and beverage industry.
  • Inventory management for raw materials and ingredients
  • Offers traceability of the product life cycle from the beginning to the end
  • Helps in scheduling and planning
  • Allows users to manage shelf-life and seasonality.
  • Offers guidance on regulatory compliance


  • Handles inventory for the fashion and retail industry
  • Keep a check on style and not-in-style items.
  • Help users sort by flexible style, colour, fit, and size matrix by product.
  • Supports product tracking for ethical sourcing
  • Offers users support for kitting and pre-packs
  • Allows automated planning, assortments, and forecasting


  • Relevant features to support the entire equipment lifecycle.
  • Supports quoting, pricing, discounts, and complex configuration.
  • Allows users prediction for replacements
  • Helps with rental management and mobile field service
  • Assists users to transport, move, and pick up equipment.

Reasons to Choose Infor M3 Solutions

  • Flexible and Scalable: It offers flexible and scalable solutions that help meet businesses’ needs with high computing power.
  • Supports Business Processes: It will support all the core business processes, including manufacturing, supply chain planning, customer sales, procurement management, financial management, execution, service, rental and equipment management, and more.
  • Suitable for Multiple Business Models: It supports multiple business models for manufacturing, distribution, service, and rental. You can manage complex products, including attribute-based and configured kits. Besides, it allows multi-channel sales and after-sales service, make-to-stock (MTS), configure-to-order (CTO), and make-to-order (MTO).
  • Secure: As Amazon Web Services support Infor M3 Solution, it’s exceptionally secure even in downtimes.
  • Simple Interface: It helps create role-based, personalised homepages accessible through multiple devices and browsers. It also helps in collaboration through alerts and workflows.
  • Global Visibility: Infor M3 solution supports multi-currency, multi-site, single, and multi-company organisations and empowers your business to cope with changing business environments.
  • Analytics: It combines advanced analytics technology that helps develop actionable insight into the data and make crucial business decisions. Robust analytics help minimize risks. Infor M3 Solution offers industry-specific, prebuilt analysis and dashboards for your immediate access.

Infor M3 solutions are cost-effective as they use a shared cloud infrastructure. This helps reduce the operating costs, implementation costs. Also, as it is maintained in the Cloud, there is no need for upgrading the on-premise software or setting up an infrastructure for it.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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