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Gambling Tourism: What We Need To Know

Recently, such an unusual form of recreation as gambling tourism has become popular. More and more tour operators organize so-called junket tours, during which gambling enthusiasts can not only have a good rest but also spend time in the best casinos in the world.

This Casino review shows that virtual casinos are very popular now: slot machines to play for free give an opportunity to everyone. It is enough just to have access to the Internet and choose among the casinos offered on Real casinos do not lag behind, because now everyone can have a tour to a country where the gambling industry is absolutely legal.

Each country has its own attitude towards gambling. In some countries, casinos are allowed; in some countries, gambling is strictly prohibited. Let’s take a look at those where casino activities are allowed and legal:

  • New Zealand and Australia

  • Bahamas

  • Canada

  • China

  • Italy

  • Greece

  • Kazakhstan

  • Monaco

  • Lebanon

  • Netherlands

  • England

  • Portugal

  • USA

  • Sweden

  • Singapore

  • Germany

Casino dress code

Dress code is a concept that has become a part of our life. It accompanies us in the office and public places. Casinos are no exception. Some casinos have strict requirements:

  • women must have makeup, hairstyle, high heels, and a beautiful evening or cocktail dress;

  • men must wear a suit or a tuxedo and appropriate shoes.

These are the requests of elite casinos – places that only VIP people can attend. If you cannot afford to look gorgeous, you have nothing to do in a casino of such a level. Everything here is of the highest standard – well-trained staff, excellent level of service, etc.

However, not all casinos are exclusively aimed at VIPs. Many of them are also glad to welcome customers who have come to try their luck and just have fun. Their doors are open for those who behave adequately and are dressed more or less decently.

How much money is needed to visit a casino?

The amount of money you need to take with you depends on the country and the specific casino, so everything is very individual. The most profitable tours can be offered by such European countries as the Czech Republic and Latvia. A trip to a casino in Canada or Australia will cost several times more.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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