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Top Features That Make Traditional Samurai Swords Special

Traditional Japanese swords were used in prayers before going to war. They exude class, culture, and power. With traditional Japanese swords, you have a chance to taste the Japanese culture as well as samurai standards. Known as the soul of samurai, Japanese swords are about power, confidence, and culture. Here are key things you should know about samurai swords.

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Japanese swords are extremely popular. The samurai swords in particular are utilized as a symbol of rank amongst the samurais. They were used in prayers before going to the way. They were also used to show power, strength, and confidence.

Japanese Sword Making Tradition Is Still Practiced

The ancient art of sword making is still being widely practiced in today’s world. In the city of Seki, for instance, a festival called Hamono Matsuri is held every autumn. Here, sword-smiths showcase their newly crafted blades.

They Can Take Up To 18 Months

Samurai swords are usually fabricated with high-quality steel. Referred to as ‘tamahagane’, the steel is repeatedly heated, folded, and tempered. And once that’s done, thin layers of clay are applied through the differential hardening treatment process to make the blades sharper and shock-absorbent. The layering process is repeated until an excellent finish is achieved.

Japanese Sword Polisher and Sword-Smiths

Both the polisher and the sword-smith are important when it comes to making Japanese swords. They’re all needed to craft an elegantly realized work of art. Once the smith has created the blade, its main features remain invisible until an experienced polisher goes to work enhancing the quality of the craftsmanship. When the polishing job isn’t done right, the entire piece of art will get completely ruined. Polishing is extremely important as it finely brings out the steel’s grain, as well as temper line. And both of these elements are crucial to a sword’s overall value.

The blades Are Expensive

It’s also important to note that samurai swords are some of the most expensive swords. In the 13th century, for instance, the Kamakura sword was sold for a whopping $418,000.

Japanese Sword Can Dispel Evil Spirits

The samurai swords didn’t just utilize the blades for fighting. Rather, they also used them as a symbol of purity. They wore them to fend off evil spirits.

You Can Get Japanese Swords In Japan As Talisman

Most people purchase samurai swords as a symbol of luck. They often utilize them to commemorate important family events. Plus, they use them to bring luck to newlyweds, as well as, newborn babies.

They Are Strong

Japanese swords are made from pure steel—which makes them exceptionally strong and durable. Even more, heat treatment is used to make them more sturdy and durable. The heat treatment removes impurities and creates layers—features that make these swords executively strong and versatile.

The Bottom-Line

Japanese samurai swords are known for their strength, versatility, and uniqueness. So, if these are the things that you are looking for in Japanese swords, think samurai swords. The above are quick facts about samurai swords.

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