Why We Crave the Thrill of a Good Treasure Hunt

With the seemingly endless supply of upcycled items, it’s no wonder why thrifters flock back to their local thrift shops time and time again. If you look hard enough, there’s always a new hidden piece that wasn’t there before. Why we crave the thrill of a good treasure hunt is undoubtedly a question some find themselves asking after a successful haul. Here we’ll explain why thrifting is a thrill akin to hunting for buried treasure. 

Good for the Mind 

When someone cares about something, they want to succeed at it. Achieving a desire makes a person genuinely happy, as it may garner appreciation and respect. In addition, the brain craves connection and acceptance, so when they happen, it releases the hormones that make us happy. Because there is no catalog or guarantee for what will be at a thrift store, high hopes can get dashed. However, this makes it even more thrilling when you find something that meets or surpasses your expectations. Like a successful gamble, it feels as if lady luck is on your side. 

Good for the Earth 

Upcycling is unarguably good for the planet. It feels great to know that something you love contributes to the overall wellness of the world. It’s why people join charities and love helping others; you improve, support, and contribute to the general human experience and connection. It’s natural to want to contribute to the health of your society, even in seemingly small ways. Thrift shopping is a sustainable alternative to fast fashion and is the perfect way to recycle. When we think about recycling, we often think about plastic bottles and tin cans, but you can also recycle your whole wardrobe.

Good for You 

We crave the thrill of a thrifting treasure hunt because it’s good for us. The highs and lows, the release of dopamine, and the connection to others while searching for a new piece are so exciting. It’s not the object itself but what its finding represents. There is no shame in doing something because it feels good and makes you happy. You crave the experience, and you desire the joy it gives you. It’s truly an adventure to spend the day thrift shopping, making your way through the racks, feeling the textures of the different clothes, and coming across that perfect new item for your collection. It’s amazing to see how thrift shopping is like searching for treasure, and it’s undoubtedly part of the appeal.

Now that you know why thrifters love the thrill of searching for treasure try it out for yourself. Visit your local thrift store and go on a treasure hunt of your own.

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Written by Logan Voss

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