4 Reasons To Sell Your Car to a Junkyard

Have a car you want to sell but need help deciding what avenue to take for the sale? You could look for a private buyer. Or you could take your car to a dealership. Then there’s the junkyard. Most people opt for a private buyer or dealership, but what if we told you that selling to a junkyard may be the fastest, most profitable method? Here are four reasons you should sell your car to your friendly neighborhood junkyard.

You’re Unlikely To Get Shot Down

It’s in the name: junkyards take all kinds of cars, even ones that most would consider junk. Of course, there are some exceptions to this. For example, a junkyard won’t take your car if you can’t produce the title, and some refuse electric cars because their heavy lithium-ion batteries pose a massive fire risk. But as long as you can prove ownership and that your vehicle isn’t liable to explode, it’s very unlikely that a junkyard will turn you away.

You Won’t Have To Pay for Towing

If you sell an inoperable car to a private seller or a dealership, you need to foot the towing fees. But if you sell to a junkyard, there’s a good chance they’ll tow your car free of charge. When you’re looking for a junkyard to sell your car to, keep an eye out for one of the many that offer no-cost towing services. This way, you can keep more money from the sale.

You’ll Get Paid Your Way

Another reason to sell your car to a junkyard is that junkyards will accommodate various payment preferences. Want to receive a check, like you would when selling to a private buyer or dealership? They’ll send you one in the mail. Prefer to get paid in cold, hard cash? They’ll hand you the money when they come to tow your car.

It Could Make You the Most Money

Junkyards could also potentially offer you the most money for your car. Private buyers typically only have a limited amount to spend. The average buyer might only be able to offer you a couple thousand at best, even if your car is in prime condition.

But what about dealerships? Most dealerships are hesitant to finance used cars because used cars continually depreciate and are a risky investment. As such, they also have a limited amount they’re willing to spend, resulting in lowball offers.

Junkyards are primarily interested in cars for their parts. Once you sell your car to one, they’ll harvest the usable parts and metals and sell that scrap to make back their money, plus more. Because they’re a business, they have more money than private buyers, and since they’ll see an almost immediate return on their investment, they’re less stingy than dealerships. This makes them more likely to give a fair offer.

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Written by Logan Voss

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