Why Is There a Stigma About Chiropractors?

Don’t believe everything you hear, especially about chiropractors. They’re experts on holistic body care and help many people. Learn why there is a stigma about chiropractors and bust some common myths to crack down on these misconceptions.

The Snap, Crackle, and Pop Doctors?

The stigma about chiropractors develops from myths and misconceptions about these experts. People think chiropractors twist and pop joints to realign the body. While that’s partially true, there is a science behind it. No professional will crack your back or jolt your neck without reasonable cause.

Many people steer clear of chiropractic care because they’re afraid of these professionals. Viral videos of sessions with joints cracking and popping can induce fear and anxiety in anyone. After all, who wants to hear an unsettling sound from their body?

Furthermore, critics of chiropractic care usually have misinformation about these professionals and their processes. Practitioners have extensive training in care practices and understand how to treat bodies.

Busting Myths

As humans, it’s normal to fear the unknown. Strange concepts, unconventional practices, and uncertainty can pull us away from trying something new. People avoid chiropractors because they create assumptions about their level of training and education, the kinds of care they offer patients, and more. Fortunately, we’re here to bust some myths.

Myth: Manipulations and Adjustments Aren’t Safe

Under licensed care, spinal manipulations and adjustments are completely safe! Chiropractors perform full-body examinations before treatment. They know which areas are in distress and how to work your joints and muscles to relieve them. They also treat soreness and restore mobility.

Myth: Care Isn’t Effective

Painkillers and prescribed medications are common treatments for pain. However, some only temporarily offset symptoms. Chiropractic care is natural and effective, and people benefit from care every day. Treatment improves back pain, headaches, arthritis, blood pressure, and many other ailments! It’s a wonderful experience for those experiencing discomfort.

Myth: Chiropractors Aren’t Real Doctors

One of the most damaging misconceptions about chiropractors is that they’re not real doctors. While they don’t have an M.D., they do graduate with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. The curriculum for this degree is rigorous and similar to medical student studies. Furthermore, programs require Ph.D.-level classes to graduate. That said, chiropractors have extensive knowledge about the body and are qualified for care!

You Should Seek Care

Don’t let misinformation discourage you from seeking chiropractic care. These professionals are happy to treat body pains and discomfort. Book an appointment with your local clinic today, and prepare for your chiropractic appointment. Now that you know Chiropractors have your back, you’re in good hands.

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Written by Logan Voss

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