Useful Tips for Safely Operating Heavy Machinery

Construction sites are incredibly dangerous areas to work in, as countless people work amongst heavy machinery. In fact, construction site accidents make up nearly 21 percent of injuries in the workplace annually. If you are a heavy machine operator, you likely want to do everything possible to ensure you create a safe work environment that decreases the chances of injury. You might benefit from these useful tips for safely operating heavy machinery.

Be Careful Where You Step

Did you know that the most common workplace injury is falling? Often, we overestimate our ability to safely mount or dismount our vehicle, which can result in a painful injury. It is best always to practice caution when entering and leaving your heavy machinery, as a seemingly simple jump from higher up can leave you limping the rest of the day. Moreover, if you feel uncomfortable or question your safety working in a high area, then you should not force yourself to.

Stay Within Load Limits

There are many industries that use cable and rigging equipment to lift or transport heavy materials and machinery. However, one crucial aspect remains true throughout each industry: you must always stay within your load limits. When we look at the incredibly strong machinery and equipment that can lift unimaginable weights, we tend to believe it can handle anything we put it through. However, that is not the case. If you push your equipment past its loading capabilities, you are risking the lives of your fellow workers, which can result in serious injuries and death.

Always Observe Surroundings

As you know, working in any area where you operate heavy machinery will also involve many other people working alongside you. In that, these other workers are putting their trust in you as you operate your vehicle. As such, you should look at yourself with the responsibility of safety on your shoulders. Do not assume people are out of the way; ensure they are. Before you operate heavy machinery, one of the most useful safety tips is to always observe your surroundings and double-check that no one is in the way.

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Written by Logan Voss

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