Effective Tips To Keep Your Succulents Alive

Because plants are living, they require proper care to thrive. Understanding the types of plants you have and how to care for them will make your interaction with them simpler.

Here are some effective tips on how to keep your succulents alive in particular. A daily care routine, best practices, and the right home conditions will allow your plants to develop safely and strongly.

Move Them Around

Succulents are resilient plants that require minimum yet effective care, especially when keeping them inside your house. Sunlight is a basic need for most plants; moving your succulents around where they get sunlight from different sides will positively impact them. Wild succulents get direct sunlight as the sun progresses through the sky. So keeping them inside your house in only one spot could deprive them of the light they need. Check your particular succulents’ needs to determine the ideal amount of light for them.

Water Accordingly

Water is vital for life; every human, animal, plant, and even bacteria needs water to survive. Watering succulents is a special process, as it changes based on the season, sunlight exposure, and age. During the hot months, succulents need more water than during fall and winter. You should also only water them when the soil is completely dry.

Choose the Right Soil

Choosing the soil will make the difference between keeping your succulents alive and slowly letting them die without remedy. Succulent soil has characteristics that provide nutrients, moisture, and dryness to this type of plant. You must water a succulent directly in the soil and allow it to soak in slowly. The thickness of the soil sometimes causes it to take longer for water to penetrate, and you must pay attention to this.

Let Them Drain

Appropriately watering is a crucial tip for keeping your succulents alive. Before transferring this plant into a pot, you must ensure that this pot has a draining hole to dispose of unwanted moisture. Keeping your succulent in water for too long is the fastest way to kill it, especially when you can’t see if the water is draining or not.

Use Fertilizer

Succulents grow the most during the hot spring and summer months; giving them extra nutrition will ensure they grow fast and strong. You can find this fertilizer in specialty stores to ensure that you give it the right type. Fertilizers will give your succulents the necessary nutrition, keep bugs away, and keep them alive longer.

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Written by Logan Voss

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