How Paper Shredders Can Create a More Sustainable Office

Did you know that using a paper shredder in your office can help you become more sustainable? Paper shredders help keep your information secure and allow you to dispose of confidential documents in useful and eco-friendly ways. Keep reading to learn more about how paper shredders can create a more sustainable office.

Allow Safe Document Disposal

Paper shredders are the key to creating shredded paper, which your office can use in a number of ways. Without paper shredders, you wouldn’t be able to safely recycle confidential documents and files that your business needs to dispose of. You would never throw away employee records and banking materials without shredding them, right? The only safe way to preserve this confidential information is through shredding. After the shredding process, you can then recycle the paper scraps—just make sure to contact your local recycling center to see if they accept paper scraps. This is one of the key dos and don’ts of paper recycling. If not, there are plenty of other ways to reuse paper strips around your office.

Good for Your Compost

If your office doesn’t already participate in composting, consider starting a compost pile as a way to use your leftover paper scraps. Paper is a great material for helping compost piles grow, and placing the pre-shredded paper in your compost pile allows it to break down quickly. Paper is a crucial part of the green and brown layering cycle in any good compost pile, and businesses will have plenty of it. Starting a compost pile in your office is a great alternative to recycling or reusing paper scraps.

Educate Your Office on Sustainability

Using leftover paper scraps from your shredding machine can also make an impact outside of your office building. When your employees see your business using paper documents even after the shredding process, it can inspire them with new ways to reuse paper in the office and at home. They might even consider starting a composting pile at home after seeing how useful shredded paper is in composting.

These are some of the ways that paper shredders can create a more sustainable office. If you’re looking for new ways to create an eco-friendlier office space, consider employing some of these methods.

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Written by Logan Voss

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