The Best Conveyor Systems for the Agriculture Industry

Conveyor systems function in a multitude of applications and industries. However, you cannot understate their importance within the agriculture industry. Read on to learn more about the best conveyor systems and belts for food production and distribution.

Importance of Conveyor Systems in Agriculture

Agriculture is arguably the oldest industry in human history, and conveyor systems have assisted agricultural professionals and businesses for hundreds of years. In relation to the industry itself, people began using conveyor systems at docks and ports to load grains and produce onto ships efficiently.

As technology advanced, automated conveyor systems became more capable and effective. These days, the worldwide agricultural industry relies on the efficiency of conveyor systems to produce and transport the globe’s food supply. Without the convenience and effectiveness of these systems, agricultural manufacturing and shipping would be a much slower process.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Conveyor Systems

Most conveyor systems fall into one of two categories: vertical and horizontal. In general, vertical conveyor systems are more applicable and common within the agricultural industry. Vertical orientation is ideal for moving loose objects such as seeds and grains. Plus, it’s helpful in packaging and distribution applications.

However, horizontal conveyor systems also play a role in agriculture. They’re useful for transporting larger individual produce objects and containers full of produce. These systems can function well for indoor agriculture, where food grows on conveyor systems. In this application, horizontal-oriented conveyor systems can house and move trays of seeds effectively.

Common Conveyor Systems and Belts

So, which conveyor systems and belts do businesses typically rely on in the agriculture industry? In truth, the industry utilizes a wide range of conveyor systems, each providing a specific advantage relative to the type of agriculture. For instance, a conveyor system used primarily for moving large produce like potatoes wouldn’t be nearly as effective for handling seeds.

In general, however, the belts and systems used in agriculture feature buckets, rivets, dividers, blades, or other objects to better transport loose items. Chain and drag systems transport produce in all directions, including up and down.

Understanding which conveyor systems are best for agricultural applications and why they’re essential for the industry can give you a better appreciation for agriculture overall. Without this sector, the food we find in grocery stores and the meals we enjoy at home would look entirely different.

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Written by Logan Voss

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