Renovation Safety Tips During the Cold Weather

Residential and commercial property renovations can go longer than expected. And sometimes, property owners only have the means to get the ball rolling when the weather is less than ideal outside. A change in climate means additional safety measures that workers and property owners need to adhere to alike. Check out these renovation safety tips during the cold weather.

Watch the Weather

Keep a watchful eye on the weather during the fall and winter months. The fall won’t present as many problems as the winter, but high winds and heavy rains can cause delays. In the winter, you may face snowstorms. The forecasts will let you know if it’s wise to work on the property that day.

You can prevent any work-related injuries from the weather with a simple check. Check for signs of hypothermia or even a simple cold. The weather might cause some delays, but you can always start working with a new timeline if it does.

Secure the Equipment

Secure all equipment and materials before leaving the site for the day. The weather has a way of damaging some of the strongest tools. Rusting or frozen tools won’t operate optimally and could cause potential danger for those using them or people in the vicinity.

Depending on the project and renovation size, you might need to dispose of excess debris or other things collected from the project. If you rent a dumpster, keep an eye on the weight because the weather can add to it. Once that happens, you might need to switch the dumpster out.

Dress Appropriately

Always dress appropriately. There will be areas on the site that offer heat. But during work hours, it’s wise to stay bundled up. Working a physically demanding job will help keep the body warm but not so much that you don’t need additional layers.

Make sure the layers aren’t too constrictive because you need to remain flexible. Workers should always wear insulated and waterproof boots with extra traction. Most of the gear required for contractors and construction workers comes insulated.

Keep the Site Clear

Lastly, keep the site clear. Before and after every workday, clear the site of any excess materials, tools, garbage, or weather-related debris. Don’t work with snow around or unclear ground. Ice could hide beneath and cause a fatal accident.

Visibility is key since no one can remain safe if they can’t see the potential dangers. Keep salt nearby to melt away any ice on the site. Also, survey the site before starting the day to ensure the area is secure and safe to operate on.

The cold weather is coming. It’s not something we can avoid, but we can prepare for it. Follow these renovation safety tips and keep everyone protected.

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Written by Logan Voss

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