Gymnastics Safety Tips That Parents Should Know

Like most sports, gymnastics is a demanding, physical activity; however, the thrill of it doesn’t take away the risk involved when athletes are flying through the air. As a parent, your child’s safety is the utmost priority, and while you want to encourage your child to pursue their interests, it helps to do so safely.

Fortunately, there are suggestions to keep in mind that can enforce your child’s safety during practice and competition. Here are some gymnastics safety tips that parents should know to ensure their young athletes exhibit proper technique while preventing injury.

Have Proper Gymnastics Gear

While having the proper gymnastics gear is crucial to performance and safety during competition, it helps to know what your child should wear during practice. In addition to the right clothing, important gear includes wrist wraps, grips, and guards to help with high, uneven, and parallel bar events.

Your child should also wear appropriate shoes with reinforced toes to help absorb any pressure they experience during a landing.

Protect Their Backs

Gymnastics is a sport that involves balance and stability; with most balance coming from core strength, it helps to ensure your child is receiving the training necessary to condition this area. Insufficient training won’t help develop abdominal strength, causing the core to overcompensate and leading to strain.

When with your child’s trainer or coach, remember to get updates about your child’s training and exercises that can build stability and core strength.

Make Sure You’re Working With the Right Coach

Given the nature of the sport, adequate skill development in the sport doesn’t come easy to most children. It may take time and dedication to master basic moves before advancing to more difficult tumbles and spins.

Finding the ideal coach who can work with your child is critical. When determining the professional best fit for the job, you want someone who can teach proper technique and proceed with progression without placing your athlete in danger. Take time to tour gyms to ensure that equipment is safe and there’s enough supervision available.

A young athlete executing a flawless routine on uneven bars or sticking a landing during a vault event is riveting to watch! However, remember that practicing gymnastics safety tips will help prioritize your young athlete’s well-being while they pursue their interests.

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Written by Logan Voss

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