5 Tips To Maximize Your Office Space Planning

The ultimate purpose of an office goes beyond housing equipment and your employees. A well-thought-out office space should encourage your team’s strengths and inspire creative thinking, productivity, and collaboration with careful location planning and maintaining it neat and tidy with the help of services such as ThinkFM.

The office should also leave enough room for employees to relax and recharge when they’re not working. Here are five tips to maximize your office space planning.

Determine Your Office Layout

Designing your office layout in advance is a crucial first step that helps save time and money. Your arrangement will determine furniture placement, structural design, and how you want your work environment to look.

In the end, your office layout can help you achieve your goals by establishing areas that prioritize your company’s strengths. For example, if you’re a budding business with intentions to build upon company growth, you may want to introduce an open office layout that encourages collaboration.

Select the Appropriate Furniture

While desks and chairs are the standards when selecting furniture, remember that there are different types of furniture you can use in your planning. Consider cabinets, bookshelves, and other shelving units to perfect the area and promote a tidy environment.

For extra comfort and style, consider incorporating a carpet into your workspace. To find the perfect one for your office, contact a commercial carpet dealer to get the best selection and advice. Carpeting can also help absorb sound, creating a more peaceful atmosphere in your office.

Keep your workstations in mind and consider where each piece of furniture will go. Your office should be functional and efficient when conducting business.

Incorporate Plants and Greenery

While most wouldn’t typically associate an office space with feeling like home, remember that your team spends a significant amount of time at work. Therefore, you should create a pleasant environment by adding plants, shrubs, and other greenery around the office.

There’s a connection between nature and productivity, so why not use it to your advantage? You can take things a step further by incorporating an outdoor office space to inspire productivity and make your team feel better about coming to work every day.

Establish a Dedicated Meeting Zone

Establishing a dedicated meeting zone is a must when maximizing office planning. Your office design should have a space where all employees can gather and feel comfortable collaborating on projects.

Remember to set a zone that is spacious enough and has furniture to accommodate groups of employees. This meeting room can also double up as a relaxing environment, so you’ll want to incorporate comfortable seating and a coffee table to help your team stretch and move around.

Include Natural Lighting and Ventilation

Some of the most successful offices incorporate natural lighting and ventilation as a way to positively reinforce employee productivity. Large windows are an excellent source of natural light that promotes alertness and improves moods and concentration throughout the workday.

When planning your office space, prioritize indoor air quality to avoid the buildup of toxic gases that could harm employees’ well-being and affect their cognitive abilities.

Considering the cost of commercial square footage, it helps to use these tips to maximize office space planning so that you can spend more time doing what you know best: running your company!

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Written by Logan Voss

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