What Are the Working Parts Inside of a Toilet?

Ever sit there and wonder how your toilet works? Toilets are among our homes’ most commonly used appliances, yet most of us don’t know much about them.

In this article, we’ll look at the working parts inside of a toilet so that you’ll better understand how it works the next time you use or need to fix one.

The Two Main Sections

Toilets have two main sections: the bowl and the tank. The bowl is the part of the toilet that you sit on. It’s where the waste goes when you flush the toilet.

The tank is the part of the toilet that holds the water. When you flush, the water from it is what flushes the waste down the bowl and into the sewer.

The Parts of the Bowl

The bowl has three main parts: the rim, the trapway, and the siphon jet. The rim is the part of the bowl that you sit on. It’s also where the water comes in when you flush.

The trapway is the bowl part where water flows through when you flush. It’s also where the waste goes when you flush. The siphon jet is a small hole in the bottom of the bowl that helps suck the water and waste down the trapway.

The Parts of the Tank

The tank has four main parts: the fill valve, the flush valve, the flapper, and the overflow tube. The fill valve is the part of the tank that fills it up with water and uses a regular float valve to stop the water when it reaches a certain level. The flush valve is the part of the tank that releases the water into the bowl when you flush.

The flapper is a small piece of rubber that covers the flush valve. It opens when you flush and closes when the tank is full. Finally, the overflow tube is a small tube that goes from the tank to the bowl. It allows water to flow from the tank to the bowl if it gets too full.

How It All Works Together

Now that you know the parts of the toilet, we’ll discuss how they all work together. When you flush the toilet, the flapper opens, and water flows from the tank to the bowl.

The water flowing into the bowl causes the siphon jet to start sucking. This jet creates a suction that pulls the waste down the trapway and into the sewer. Once the trash is gone, the flapper closes, and the tank starts to fill up with water again.

And that’s how the various toilet parts work together! Pretty simple, right? Next time you use a bathroom, take a minute to think about all the components that must work together to make it function. It’s incredible how such a simple appliance can do so much.

You’ll never look at a toilet the same way again!

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Written by Logan Voss

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