Easy and Effective Ways To Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Your health and well-being are important, which is why it’s essential to invest in your home’s air quality. You inhale the recycled air in your home daily. If the air quality is poor, you may find yourself feeling sick and unable to go on normally with your day-to-day life. There are a few easy and effective ways to maintain your air quality and keep you and your family safe.

Place Doormats at Entryways

Placing doormats in your entryways is an excellent way to improve your home’s air quality. Doormats are your first defense against dirt and debris that may enter your home. When your guests dust their shoes off on the mat, it picks up excess particles that would otherwise enter your home and settle in your airspace. Though it may sound odd, doormats are a simple but effective way to reduce poor air quality.

Consider Purchasing an Air Purifier

An air purifier is a tried-and-true method for cleaning the air. If you want peace of mind that the air you’re breathing doesn’t contain harmful airborne pathogens, chemicals, asbestos particles, and more, you should invest in an air purifier. Air purifiers are known to have amazing benefits that improve the overall quality of life.

Periodically Change Your Air Filters

Periodically changing your air filter is an important task to keep your home’s air quality clean. Dust, dead skin cells, and other debris can collect in the filter over time, recycling these particles throughout the home. It’s important to breathe in clean air, so make it a priority to get your filters changed when appropriate.

Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

Toxic cleaning supplies can release fumes, free radicals, and other harmful chemicals into the air after you clean. Breathing in these chemicals can create hormone-disrupting effects or other harmful issues. Using natural cleaning supplies such as vinegar and water will improve your air quality and your space.

Vacuum, Sweep, and Dust Regularly

This may seem like a practical and common-sense step, but when was the last time you thoroughly cleaned the nooks and crevices of your home? Sweeping and deep cleaning your space regularly can greatly improve your home’s air quality. Over time, a lot of dead skin cells, dust, and debris can accumulate and collect in certain areas around the home. It’s important to clean and dust your shelves, air vents, and any other hard-to-reach areas that may be filled with dust and cause poor air quality.

It’s essential to be proactive about your health. Maintaining clean air is important and should be on your to-do list. Be sure to take the necessary steps to better your living environment and ensure your own peace of mind.

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Written by Logan Voss

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