Signs That Your Pier Foundation Needs Repair

Contractors design piers to withstand harsh conditions. They plan and strategize for moments when the structure of your home gets tested. But over time, even the most stable beams and houses start to lose their structure. When this happens, you should look out for signs that your pier foundation needs repair.

Diagonal Cracks in the Drywall

Diagonal cracks along the walls near the door entrance are a clear sign you need to look at your pier foundation. Don’t slap a bandage on the problem by just spackling it up. A foundation problem means you need an expert to come out with foundation drilling tools, like an auger tooling solution, to investigate further.

Uneven Floors

You also need to look out for sagging or uneven floors. Sagging points to a weak pier and beam foundation. You won’t notice any abrupt slopes or hills if your flooring was previously flat. This is not an issue that forms overnight.

If you start to notice uneven ground as you walk across a room, you need to address the problem immediately. Don’t let it escalate any further.

Door and Window Fitting Issues

Have you noticed some difficulty when you try to keep your windows and doors locked? Gaps in your windows and doors can contribute to this problem, but it might also indicate an issue with the foundation.

Don’t make the mistake of having a handyman do a quick fix by cutting the door to make it go back in its frame. Cutting the door only works temporarily, and the issue will return.

If you find your doors and windows sticking and difficult to open, then you guessed it—you have foundation problems. You might notice an issue with your doors and windows before any unleveled flooring or cracks in the walls occur.

Pay attention to all the fine details that make up your home. If you let certain issues go untreated, you run the risk of severely damaging your house. Address any signs you notice that indicate your pier foundation needs repairs immediately.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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