Best Modifications You Should Make to Your Harley Bike

Anyone passionate about motorcycles knows that a stock bike is like a blank canvas. Eventually, you’ll replace so many parts that you won’t be able to recognize the bike! We want to help you decide which upgrades are important with this list of the best modifications you should make to your Harley bike.

Air Filter

Air filters can make or break your engine’s performance. A standard air filter will keep your motorcycle chugging along, but an aftermarket filter can deliver an instant performance boost. The best air filters can get a ton of extra oxygen into your engine to deliver optimal performance with long-lasting life.


You’ll never get the most out of your motorcycle if you stick with the stock tires your bike came with. Generic, multipurpose tires may be good enough for your first few trips around the block, but you need tires suited to the terrain and conditions you put your bike in. These customizations will make your tires last longer and also improve performance (especially if you’re taking the bike on the track).

LED Lights

There’s no better modification you can make for safety than LED lights. While incandescent lights may get the job done, they can’t hope to provide the same illumination and life span that LEDs can. If you don’t believe that they’ll change the way you ride at night, buy an LED flashlight and an old-school incandescent flashlight.

Incandescent lights illuminate their surroundings with a dull yellow hue, while LEDs brightly light everything a stark white. Not only can the LED produce more lumens, but the difference in light color can make a huge difference when you need to make quick decisions and uncertainty can become a risk.

There are a few important factors to consider when buying new headlights for your bike, so remember to choose lights that are bright and long-lasting.

Now that you know the best modifications you can make to your Harley bike, pick up some new parts and start the next chapter of your motorcycle’s life.

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Written by Logan Voss

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