Starting your child’s development at a young age is crucial if you want your life lessons to stick. Here are some qualities you should try to instill in them.

Qualities To Build Within Your Child While They’re Young

Once you have your first child, your focus shifts to figuring out how to raise them. Granted, it’ll be a couple of years before they start developing any sort of meaningful characteristics. Still, it never hurts to start planting the seeds early to develop them into a well-rounded individual. If you’re a little unsure what you should prioritize for them, though, you’ll want to keep reading this list of essential qualities to build within your child while they’re young.


If you want your child to have an artistic side and be great at problem-solving, encourage creativity early on. Obviously, this won’t necessarily turn them into a professional writer, artist, or some other type of creative, but it will lay the building blocks for them to pursue those lifestyles if they choose to later in life.

Plus, again, creativity also helps with problem-solving. Sometimes, a person who’s only focused on the facts can miss a possible solution because it seems too illogical. If your child is creative enough, they might come up with a fix that no one else even thought of.


The key to many things in life is confidence. Fortunately, there are many tricks to building confidence in your kids. A confident child will be able to make choices that offer the best benefit to them, even if it’s a scary one.

As long as they have you in their corner, cheering them on, they should never have to wonder if the choices they make are the best for them. Sure, they’ll still make mistakes, but with a high level of confidence, they will learn from those missteps and not make them again.


Empathy is a challenging topic to explain to children, never mind instill in them, but it’s so vital in our world today. That’s why you should take the time to make sure your child understands that other people are going through their own issues all the time, so they should be considerate to them regardless of how they feel. Doing so will make them more emotionally intelligent and help them develop deep and caring relationships with others in the future.


One last quality to build within your child while they’re young is integrity. Many kids are pretty truthful with their parents and others—sometimes painfully so. It’s not until they get older that they discover the “benefits” of lying. Despite that, when a child is still young and honest, that’s the best time to teach them the value of integrity.

Show your kid how lying and cheating only delay any inevitable fallout and don’t actually fix anything. Tell them how being honest upfront will benefit them, even if it means that they still get in trouble. Just make sure that you don’t punish them as severely if they were honest with you. That will lead them straight back to lying, which will hurt them later in life.


Regardless of which of these attributes you focus on, instilling any of these qualities in your children will help them develop into the people you want to see them become. Even if they stray from that path in the future, you’ll know that you did everything you could to help them succeed.

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Written by Logan Voss

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