5 Tips for Organizing Your Office This Fall

As children head back to school and you head to the office, a change in organization depletes your energy. Not cleaning and organizing can cause anxiety and less productivity because you aren’t sure how often to clean and organize the office. To help fight the negative thoughts, take a peek at our guide of the top five tips for organizing your office this fall.

Divide Your Office Space

As you begin to purge the office, you want to first divide your office into separate parts; that way, each area can receive your undivided attention and have every inch cleaned. If you’re having trouble transitioning from summer to fall, look around your desk and see what can be removed, such as old files, a fan that doesn’t work, or an excess of supplies. As the school season begins, you’ll see massive discounts on supplies, which makes stocking up easy!

Transition To a Digital Filing System

If you have files that still haven’t made it to your work server, you need to ask yourself, how important is this file? If you are unsure or don’t remember the last time you used the file, it’s a good idea to destroy it unless you can transfer the data into the computer. As we transition into a digital landscape, it’s crucial to have all documents available online to all workers who need them.

Organize Your Desk

When you organize your desk, you should also consider sanitizing the area and throwing out any supplies that you no longer need. You can make a mental checklist of items to restock, toss, and keep for future usage by sorting through your stuff. While sorting through paperwork, create piles and mark them with throw-away dates.

Organize Your Desk Wires

The other part of sorting your desk is to organize any invading wires. As you begin to restructure your desk for autumn, you might encounter more wiring than usual. However, there’s a multitude of ways to approach your wiring issues. Right before you set a laptop up, check to see if the desk has a slot that you can slip the wiring through to help hide them better and to make organizing easier. On the other hand, you can also purchase an organizer to keep wires from getting tangled and out of hand.

Create a Functional Label System

As you begin to organize your office, you might have trouble remembering where everything is once you’re finished. If you forget, create a labeling system to help you remember where items are located. Furthermore, keep a notepad and record everything in those rooms; that way, if you don’t remember where something is, you can refer to the pad.

Organizing takes time and patience, especially as we transition into new seasons. Don’t let the season drag you down. Instead, take the advice given from our five tips for organizing your office this fall to help get your fall office organization started.

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Written by Logan Voss

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