What Makes Recess So Important for Students?

When you think back on your school years, recess was always the best part of the day, and it always ended too soon. From benefits in education to benefits in health, playtime is crucial to a child’s enjoyment of the school day. Here’s what makes recess so important for students.

Health Benefits

Exercise is important for people of all ages. However, remember that encouraging activity while someone is young can help them develop a positive attitude toward it for the rest of their life. Obesity is a serious problem in today’s youth, so giving kids time to run around and play is beneficial.

Academic Advantages

It’s no secret that kids are full of energy. When students are cooped up in classrooms for the whole day, their passion and drive to learn will dwindle. Everyone needs a break during their day, and recess offers both students and teachers an opportunity to take a breath.

Social Skills

School should teach more than multiplication tables and Civil War facts. Recess offers an opportunity for children to learn social skills that are impossible to teach in a classroom. Sports encourage teamwork, the best playgrounds foster problem-solving skills, and interacting with other kids is a great way to learn conflict resolution.

Enjoyment of School

Parents dread hearing their children complain about “hating school,” but a lack of recess and playtime will encourage that mentality. Kids don’t want their days to grow stale, and offering a time of day where students decide what they want to do prevents this.

Even though we may wish it was for another reason, most children get excited to go to school because it’s a place they can see their friends. Instead of trying to force students to want to learn all day long, listen to their desires so that, when the time for learning comes, they trust your judgment.

Now that you know what makes recess so important for students, you must ensure your playground has the best equipment for your students.

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Written by Logan Voss

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