The Best Woodworking Accessories and Why You Need Them

You already have some saws, wood, and wood glue, but can your life and hobby be even easier? You bet! These additional pieces to the puzzle will make cleanup simpler and your projects both easier and safer. Let’s look at the best woodworking accessories and why you need them.


Along with a vise, your workbench will soon become the most useful part of your workshop. A tough, sturdy table to clamp things to and work on will help your projects go much more smoothly. You can buy one, but it’s a rite of passage when a woodworker builds their first bench. This is usually the best way to go since you can customize it for your height and preferred work angle.


There’s no such thing as too many clamps. They’re essential when it comes time to glue wood together and extremely useful during assembly and measurements. We’re not kidding about the “never too many clamps” thing, either. From parallel jaw clamps to corner clamps to carriage clamps to strap clamps, you’ll find yourself wanting them all at some point. If you’re just starting out, parallel jaw clamps will be the most useful.

Shop Vacuum

Your woodshop is going to get dusty—and fast. One cut through a two-by-four is enough to cover your floor in sawdust, so you’ll want a shop vacuum from the start. And by keeping your shop clean and free of sawdust as best you can, you’ll also avoid unnecessary safety hazards.

Gloves and Glasses

When you’re working with power tools, it’s always a good idea to invest in safety gear. One slip with a circular saw can have nasty consequences, and even without worst-case scenarios, splinters are never fun. Invest in a strong pair of woodworking gloves, and you’ll see far fewer nicks and jabs. Don’t forget safety glasses, too! A quick trip to a home improvement store and $5 can save your eyes from a rogue shard.

Now that you know the best woodworking accessories and why you need them, take your shop to the next level, and make your projects cleanly, safely, and more effectively.

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Written by Logan Voss

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