How To Make a Super Easy DIY Scrunchie Out of Anything

Every crafter has a bin or craft bag filled with those odds and ends that haven’t found a purpose yet. Loose decorations, scrap fabric, bits or ribbons and elastic, and so on all end up in one spot for misfits and scraps over the years. Without concerted effort and creativity, the miscellaneous parts of a material’s collection rapidly get out of control.

One of the best ways to put small and mismatched elements into something new is to make fun and colorful fashion pieces such as headbands, hair ties, and even scrunchies. What’s more, how to make a super easy DIY scrunchie out of anything is a fun and fast project perfect for any skill level.

Assemble Your Supplies

As mentioned, it doesn’t take any special items to make the perfect headwear. Odd shapes and mixed patterns and colors lend themselves to playful and cute quilt-style items. Grab all your loose materials and arrange them by the combinations you like the look of best. You’ll also need a type of sewing elastic to create stretchiness. Besides this, any sequins, craft flowers, buttons, iron-ons, and any other decorations you haven’t gotten around to are easily added on as the finishing touch.

Understanding the Basic Scrunchie Template

How to make a super easy DIY scrunchie out of anything starts with a rectangle of fabric that’s 3 inches by 22 inches. You should stitch together any miscellaneous pieces with this final size in mind. It’s easy to keep stitching scraps into larger sections, but if you are concerned it may weaken the last piece, consider stitching a second piece of solid cloth as backing. Once you have the strips of fabric to make the scrunchies, fold the pieces lengthwise, so the pattern is inside. Sew a straight line along the outer edge to create a closed tube. Invert the tube so that the design is exposed again and pin a 9-inch piece of elastic to one side. Feed the rest of the elastic through the line and sew it to either end of the tube. At this point, your scrunchie is almost done! Pull the open end over the opposing end to cover the elastic and add another line to close the loop.

Making the Most of Leftover Pieces

The best materials to make into scrunchies are ones that aren’t too slippery. For example, if you want to use velvety or satiny cloth, consider using this scrunchy as a decorative option over a hair tie as this type of material doesn’t always grip hair well. Additionally, you should carefully space any items sewn or ironed-on and add them with care to not bury them in the folds. You can also create a flat section by adding a second stitch an inch or half-inch from the end of the loop. This section should stay flatter than the rest, used as the top of the hairpiece where you can add larger decorative items.

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Written by Logan Voss

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