Essential Equipment for a Welding Business

Welding is an exciting hobby, as well as a very in-demand profession. Learning this skill is well worth the time and effort, as it can quickly transition into a full-time job and a business venture. In the event of the latter, your DIY garage haven may need an upgrade, as the transition into the professional realm takes extra work. You may need to trade old gear for higher quality essential equipment for a welding business.

Heavy Equipment

Unsurprisingly, any type of work involving metal calls for some big machinery. If you’ve ever done any home renovations, woodworking, and other handy crafts, most of these machinery items will be familiar. The first tool you will need in a welding shop is, of course, a welding tool. Many different models and brands exist with varying specs. It’s worth taking the time to figure out what kind is best suited to your skill level and the type of work you hope to achieve. Finding the right arc welder for the job will keep you safe, help you save money, and help you determine the appropriate ATPV rating of protective gear.

Besides this, you’ll also want to acquire a few types of heavy-duty saws. A portable bandsaw and chop saw are especially useful, as you can position them as needed rather than wrestling a sharp or heavy piece of metal. An angle grinder is also a great idea for cleaning up cuts.

Proper Protective Gear

The next most essential equipment for a welding business is an appropriate selection of protective gear. As mentioned above, the exact details of what’s best will depend on the type of work and other equipment you are using—namely the arc welder itself. In general, expect to wear a few layers of durable clothing that will resist snags or sharps edges.

Besides avoiding damage from accidents with the metal itself, it’s also essential to ensure all gear is fire and heat resistant. You want to avoid burning holes in your gear with any sparks that may fly. Properly measured thermal-resistant clothing will also help protect against burns caused by continuous exposure to heat.

General Supplies

Finally, there is a good number of everyday tools that pair excellently with a welding business. Basic items such as speed squares, straight edges, and a few varieties of pliers are always useful. Besides this, you’ll also want to acquire a metal brush for clearing burrs and a metal gauge for a general assessment of cuts. A MIG-type plier is always a must, as it’s crucial for changing MIG welder parts even while they are still hot. A chipping hammer is necessary for any welding that produces slag that must be cleared. Finally, a soapstone pencil will allow you to make cut marks that won’t react with or burn up in high heat.

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Written by Logan Voss

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