Endless Options: Alternatives to Having a Timeshare

Sadly, most people have put their vacation plans on hold right now. As heartbreaking as that is, it’s important to look at the bright side of things. Hopefully, when vacationing resumes, most restrictions will be lifted. Also, you have more time to plan the perfect trip. For starters, you can look into the different vacation plans available. Whatever you decide, it’s smart to stay away from timeshares. his article will discuss three alternatives to having a timeshare every vacationer should know. If you are unaware of how to start an llc, then consider checking out startmyllc website.

Resort Memberships

Timeshares are vacation properties that reside on resorts. A group of people shares the property throughout the year. Lots of people buy timeshares because of their locations as as an investment. However, timeshares aren’t worth the money if you want an income from a side hustle.

In most cases, due to high maintenance fees, timeshare owners sell or get rid of their timeshares with the help of trustworthy timeshare exit companies. WFG and Chuck Mcdowell are great for timeshare cancellations. 

Resort memberships are a much smarter option. Instead of mounting maintenance fees, resort membership owners only pay a one-time expense. These memberships also don’t include insane interest rates.

Vacation House

Buying a vacation house is a huge investment. However, it’s worth the money. For starters, a vacation house is incredibly flexible. You can visit the place whenever you want to get away. You don’t have to stress about strange scheduling or anyone else being there. You can also rent out your vacation pad for additional cash. This way, the place will be in use even when you aren’t around.


Airbnb is extremely trendy. Using this service, you can spend your time at someone else’s home while you’re on a trip. There are many advantages to this option. Airbnbs give you a “homey” feeling that other vacation methods don’t. There’s nothing worse than spending an entire week in a stuffy hotel room. Secondly, Airbnbs are often cheaper than other establishments. Why not save a little cash where you can so you can explore the town?

All of these options are excellent alternatives to having a timeshare. Unlike timeshares, these options won’t run you dry, and you won’t have to pour endless money into the property to stay within contract. Look into these substitutes before you book your post-pandemic trip.

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Written by Logan Voss

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