The Worst-Dressed Golfers of All Time

Golf is considered a gentleman’s game. As such, the attire that men and women wear when on the course is demure and dignified. When golf first started, men would wear full suits on the course with a tie and everything. Things relaxed in the 1950s when sweaters with slacks were the norm, and in the 1970s polo shirts and pants were the standard. Things have stayed that way since. Even though there is a strict dress code for players on the PGA tour, there is room for innovation and making a personal statement. Over the years, a handful of fashion icons have emerged and left their mark on the game. Not only for their play, but also for their bold fashion statements, which leave most observers either laughing or shaking their heads. We present the worst-dressed golfers of all time, in no particular order.

Payne Stewart

During his career in the 1980s and ’90s Stewart was fashion-forward. His signature flat cap and knickers with knee-high socks were a must-see at every event. He hearkened back to the golden age of golf when that outfit was the norm. His look centered around a theme, though, usually a sports team, and the colors reflected that team. Think of bright yellow and green of the Packers or orange and blue of the Bears.

Ryo Ishikawa

Checking in from Japan, Ishikawa doesn’t ignore fashion; he dominates it and pushes boundaries. He has worn all-floral outfits, patterned shirts with fine details, and checkered pants, and has committed plenty of other crimes against fashion. He is fond of getting a perm and rocking a visor on windy days. His hair changes as often as his clothes, leading some to wonder if he wears wigs.

John Daly

John Daly is a legend on the course. He has the body and habits of a golf course hustler trying to make a few bucks. He was once a serious contender, but now he’s just John Daly, fashion victim. He wears signature pants that come in plaids, bright colors, and obnoxious patterns that assault the eyes and sensibilities of fashion designers everywhere.

Jesper Parnevik

The Swede Parnevik didn’t have the best career on the tour, but he did carve out his own place in history. He preferred argyle sweaters and was a master at branding. He pioneered the turned-up bill on his cap and because of that was a well-known staple on golf video games. You don’t have to be good if you have a gimmick.

Rickie Fowler

The youngest entry on the list, Rickie Fowler has modified his wardrobe over the years, and it’s not as atrocious as it once was. At the start of his career, he wore nauseatingly monochromatic outfits. On Sundays he preferred to look like a Creamsicle, with bright orange from head to toe and shaggy hair sprouting from beneath his hat.

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Written by Logan Voss

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