6 of the Best Under-the-Radar Cities in Italy

Italy is full of gorgeous landscapes and vibrant cultures at every turn. If the country is on your travel bucket list, go off the beaten path and check out some beautiful cities other than Rome, Florence, and Venice. Take some time to explore the hidden gems of Italy with help from our list of the best under-the-radar cities in Italy.

Italy’s Hidden Gems

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1.      Camogli

camogliRelax with an espresso at an outdoor table in Camogli’s main square, where you can gaze at the faded yellow, pink, orange, and red buildings that look straight out of a storybook. The fishing village is quiet, serene, and full of angelic beaches.

What’s unique about it?

The Cenobio Dei Dogi hotel was built in 1565 as a luxury villa for an aristocratic family. It opened as a hotel in 1956, and its gorgeous restaurant gives you the best views of the bay.


2.      Dozza

dozzaA tiny medieval village, Dozza is a living museum. Every other September, well-known artists paint the town’s doorways and facades during the Festival of the Painted Wall. Take a walk through the lively streets, or stop in at a wine shop.

What’s unique about it?

Dozza is home to Enoteca Regionale di Dozza, the regional wine cellar of the Emilia Romagna region. It showcases 800 varieties of local wines.


3.      Isola la Maddalena

isola la maddalenaIf you’re searching for an Italian island with genuine peace and tranquility, this island is renowned for its sheltered coves, ideal sailing conditions, and clear waters. Its deserted beaches and clear waters are endless, so if you’re hoping for a relaxing vacation spot, this is it.

What’s unique about it?

This area is still somewhat undiscovered for tourists. The main island was home to a NATO base until 2008, so the island never had to rely on tourism for revenue.


4.      Manarola

manarolaThe oldest of the Cinque Terre towns, Manarola is the place to go if you’re dying for some fresh seafood, sweet wine, and peace and quiet—no cars are allowed there. Take in views from the beach, or admire priceless medieval relics.

What’s unique about it?

Manarola is home to more grapevines than any other Cinque Terre village; it’s known for its lovely sweet Sciacchetrà wine.


5.      Maratea

marateaOften compared to the villages in Amalfi, Maratea is full of gorgeous pastel churches and cobblestone streets, and it sits perfectly above the sea. The best thing about this village is the low number of tourists.

What’s unique about it?

Those beautiful pastel-painted churches and chapels are so numerous that the region has been described as “the town with 44 churches.”


6.      Tropea

tropeaThis UNESCO-protected village was built into a cliff, which drops down into stunning white sand and a dazzling aqua sea. Weave through the maze of streets packed with shops selling countless varieties of chili and crisp, well-priced wine.

What’s unique about it?

Tropea is home to the Santa Maria dell’Isola monastery. It hovers on a promontory, and gorgeous gardens surround the recently renovated structure.

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Written by Logan Voss

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