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5 of the Best Touching Romantic Comedies on Netflix

A well done romantic comedy can uplift and bring comedic life to a bad day. Sure, you can guess what’s going to happen after the first fifteen to twenty minutes, but that mindlessness is what adds to the experience. So, sit back, relax, and pop on one of Netflix’s rom-com films!

5 of the Best Rom-Coms to Watch on Netflix Right Now

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1.      To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

The Romantic Interests: Lana Condor and Noah Centineo

This film got a ton of love after its release, and thanks to the critical acclaim, we’re getting a sequel. TATBILB is based on the novel by Jenny Han and follows the story of sweet Lara Jean. Absorbed by her romance novels, she writes love letters to the boys she crushes on; however, things go wrong when someone sends those letters out. The film encompasses a fake relationship, a ski trip, and of course, blossoming true feelings.

2.      Silver Lining’s Playbook

The Romantic Interests: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

Definitely more intense in the romantic comedy category, many viewers billed this movie an “Oscar movie.” Pat Solatano suffers from bipolar disorder and moves back in with his parents after his release from a mental hospital. He wants to get back with his wife, but everything gets complicated when he meets recently widowed Tiffany.

3.      Sleeping With Other People

The Romantic Interests: Jason Sudeikis and Allison Brie

Lainey and Jake reunite twelve years after their one-night stand. They become friends and try to maintain a platonic relationship—openly conversing with each other about their individual relationships. This works for a little while until their mutual attraction surges. Hilarious and sweet, this film is a dirtier spin on the classic rom-com formula.

4.      Set it Up

The Romantic Interests: Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell

This adorable rom-com centers around two overworked assistants, Harper and Charlie. They decide to set up their bosses to give themselves more free time. As their plan succeeds, they grow to enjoy their time spent together and, ultimately, fall for each other.

5.      The Incredible Jessica James

The Romantic Interests: Jessica Williams and Chris O’Dowd

This Indie rom-com tells the story of aspiring playwright Jessica. Living in New York City, she is trying to get over her recent break-up when her friend sets her up on a blind-date with Boone. The date starts off rocky as the two discuss their failed relationships. However, as the movie continues, they fall for one another—even though rocky waters are still prevalent for the pair.

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Written by Logan Voss

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