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Best Tornado Safety Tips to Keep You Prepared for The Worst

After the long winter, spring is here, and while blizzards and polar vortexes may be over for some, it is time to get ready for tornado season. When tornado watches are put into effect, it is important to make sure you have taken the necessary precautions to stay safe. Here are some tornado safety tips to keep with you when the inevitable storms hit.

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Stay Notified

You will want to be well-prepared for whatever comes. This means paying attention to the weather. Today, there are many ways you can pay attention to potential storms. TVs, mobile apps, the internet, and the radio are great ways to get information about potential tornados heading your way.

Find Shelter

You should also have a place of shelter already in mind before funnels arrive. A safe place has no windows, and basements are best in homes with them. If you have a loved one who is disabled, have an evacuation chair ready so they can make it to the basement safely. If conditions get bad, you will want to go in a bathroom, closet, or hallway and remain in the center of a room.

Another way to say safe is to get under a strong piece of furniture like a desk or a table and hold on to it. If you are in a mobile home, find a building with a strong foundation. Make sure you also protect your head and neck with your arms. The key is to find a structure strong enough to take shelter under. If you are in a car, you will also want to find a strong building.

Have an Emergency Kit Ready

If you have a place of shelter, make sure you also have an emergency kit. This kit includes important items like water, food, medication, and a first aid kit. Keep this kit in your shelter to prepare for an emergency. Also have important information like phone numbers kept somewhere, and do not rely on the internet or your phone.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Staying safe during a tornado also means paying attention to how it looks outside. If the sky is dark or green with large dark clouds, you probably want to get to safety. You also want to head towards shelter if there is large hail, a continuous roar, or sirens going off.

Tornados can be devastating, and many people have died and had homes destroyed by them. However, keeping these tornado safety tips in mind before the danger is a great way to remain unharmed.

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Written by Logan Voss

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