5 of the Best Chocolate Bars From Around the World

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Got a sweet tooth? From chocolate and caramel, to sour yummy gummies, there is something out there for any type of tooth you have. Chocolate, hard to resist and sensationally sweet, can be one of the most luxurious products. Cities across the world strive to have best-tasting chocolate. Here’s our list of what we think are the best chocolate bars from around the world.

5 of the Most Incredible Chocolate Bars Around the World

1.      Porcelana Bar
Chocolate Bar Brand: Amedei

Probably one of the most expensive chocolate bars in the world, the Porcelana bar weighs in at more than $180 per pound. Created by Cecilia Tessieri—one of the world’s few female chocolatiers—the Tuscany-based brand Amedei makes exquisite chocolates and sweets. You can get the Porcelana bar for around $20—and the depth of flavor is more than reason for the price.

2. Mokaya
Chocolate Bar Brand: Chocolat Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel’s famous “Chocolatrium” has been teaching the secrets of chocolate-making since he took over his family’s pastry business in 1948. There is a nice variety of chocolate for lovers to choose from, but the traditional Mokaya bar is made with pure cocoa butter. You’ll definitely taste the natural sweet taste that this bean-to-bar chocolate gives off.

3.      Goji Berries in Sesame Nougat
Chocolate Bar Brand: Zotter Chocolate

In 1987, Austrian chocolatier Josef Zotter created this masterpiece in sweet-form. Zotter Chocolate gives the people exactly what they want, fusing chocolate and art. From chocolates infused with bacon bits to our favorite—goji berries in sesame nougat—there is something for every taste bud. The artwork comes into play not only with the artistry that must be present to create all these wonderful flavors, but that each wrapping is covered with the unique artwork of Andreas H. Gratze.

4.      Tablette Noir Bar
Chocolate Bar Brand: Leonidas Belgian Chocolates

This bar is made up of 70% cacao—you’ll fall in love with the depth of flavor in each bite. Leonidas Kestekides and his pralines won gold at the Ghent World Fair in 1913. After that, he started selling his chocolates and they become so popular that Leonidas sells chocolates at over 1,300 storefronts around the world. As widely known as it’s become, the brand’s humble beginnings stick to the idea that the luxurious chocolate is not reserved just for the rich.

5.      Crystallized Rose Petals Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Bar Brand: Bovetti Chocolatier

Italian chocolatier Valter Bovetti is a magician with chocolate. In 2006, he and some friends went to an African island off the coast of Gabon. From there came the fair-trade association, Roca Cacao, which bought harvesting equipment for 12 plantations and ensured a living wage for their employees. This company now has a collection containing 150 different kinds of chocolate. Again, there are flavors for everyone, sweet to spicy. Our favorite contains the decadent crystalized rose with 73% cacao.

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Written by Logan Voss

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