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4 Instagram Accounts with the Best Marketing

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Instagram provides a great opportunity to grow and market your brand. But trying to stand out among a sea of millions of Instagram accounts can be intimidating. Learning from the pros is a good way to help you find the social media marketing strategy that is right for your brand.

Enjoy our list of some of the Instagram accounts with the best marketing to give you inspiration.

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Adobe sets itself apart from other accounts with a page completely composed of user-generated content. Real users of Adobe’s suite of products create every post on their Instagram account. For content creators, Adobe’s page isn’t just a source of inspiration, but also an exciting opportunity to showcase their work in front of over 885 thousand followers. Their product sells itself when people see the gorgeous user-generated images they can create with it.


With 3.7 million followers, Lego must be doing something right. Unsurprisingly, Lego showcases its wide array of fun and upbeat merchandise on their Instagram. However, they don’t just push their products on their viewers. Lego also includes a lot of entertaining content like pop culture references, Lego recreations of movie scenes, fun facts about Legos, and celebrity appearances.


This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Airbnb. Their account has received praise for its aesthetically pleasing images of unique lodging options and scenic views of the world. These images, combined with detailed descriptions of the properties and surrounding area, completely immerse viewers in the exotic locations. It’s almost impossible to scroll through their page without developing a serious case of wanderlust.

National Geographic

A team of professional photographers dedicated to capturing beautiful pictures all over the world may give National Geographic a bit of an unfair advantage when it comes to Instagram marketing. However, aspiring marketers can learn a lot from their example of simple marketing strategies. Their high-quality content speaks for itself and reins in over 100 million followers without relying on gimmicks.

Marketing your business on social media sites such as Instagram can be a great way to grow your brand. As your audience grows, consider investing in social advertising on Instagram—turn your followers into customers with customized ad campaigns. We hope these Instagram accounts with the best marketing provide you with inspiration to build your own page.

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Written by Logan Voss

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