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How to Emotionally Connect with Customers |3 Simple Steps

Fostering a strong connection between consumers and your business is no easy task. According to the Small Business Association, “creating strong emotions—either positive or negative—can help build a bond between your customers and your business, increasing customer loyalty.” So what exactly can a company do to create an emotional connect with their customers, without seeming insincere or missing the mark entirely? Below we’ve provided a few simple tips on how to emotionally connect with customers.

3 Ways to Emotionally Connect with Customers

Make the customer your priority

This may seem like an obvious statement, but a lot of businesses can lose sight of what’s important. Remember, your business would be nothing if you didn’t have customers who support it—so return the favor. Take a moment to figure out what you can do to make the consumers experience more enjoyable.

For example, a coffee shop in California realized a lot of customers would visit while walking their dogs. The owner recognized this and began providing bowls of fresh water out front. Customers were excited to see this new addition and expressed how much they appreciated the business for going above and beyond expectations.

Interact with your customers

It’s crucial that you interact and listen to your customer’s needs and wants. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions and use their feedback to improve your product or service. The more you relate and communicate with your customers, the higher the chances are that they’ll be loyal to your company.

Surveys are a great way to get feedback from your consumers. Another, more natural way, to get feedback is to look through online comments and reviews of your products. If people are upset with a product or service, do something about it.

Be genuine

If you really want to emotionally connect with customers, you have to be genuine. Surpass your customer’s expectations—deliver what you promise, have honest interactions, and continue to prioritize your customers. Your company’s personality should reflect the product you’re selling but should be authentic as well. Remember the foundation of a successful marketing strategy includes committing to creating a genuine human connection maintained by an authentic relationship.

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Written by Logan Voss

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