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3 Awe-Inspiring Exotic Getaways To Explore

There are endless exotic getaways to choose from when planning your vacation. These 3 are worth your consideration, as they’re some of the most marveloThere are endless exotic getaways to choose from when planning your vacation. These 3 are worth your consideration, as they’re some of the most marvelous destinations in the world.us destinations in the world.


Most travelers start their journey in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital. Whether you decide to dedicate a large portion of your trip to this labyrinth of a city is up to you, but it’s certainly worth a visit. You can then head south to Thailand’s famous cluster of islands—it’s a nice change of pace from the bustling metropolis of Bangkok. All the islands boast spectacularly clear waters and gracious locals, but you might want to avoid Ko Samui, as it draws the largest crowds year-round. Instead, choose Koh Pha Ngan or Koh Tao—they offer a more intimate retreat with the same stunning views. If you prefer a cultural excursion, head north to the famed Chang Mai, a paradise of thick rainforest, mountains, and, best of all, elephants! There are sanctuaries where these precious giants are cared for by veterinarians and volunteers—but please research these sanctuaries, as some are motivated by tourism and may mistreat the elephants.

New Zealand

New Zealand is at the top of many world-travelers’ bucket lists—and for good reason. This remote country’s landscape is peppered with gorgeous natural landmarks, from sandy beaches, active volcanoes and geysers in the north to vast mountain ranges in the central and southern regions. Queenstown is an adventure-seeker’s playground, offering bungee jumping, heliskiing, and ziplining. If you’re searching for rugged landscapes, Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park is an absolutely stunning amalgamation of icy cliffs, rock formations, and glaciers and contains New Zealand’s highest mountain peak, Aoraki.


We’ve all heard tales about the magnificent Greek islands, and photographs really don’t do them justice. Santorini is a veritable white-walled utopia, with vivid blue shutters nestled atop gorgeous cliffs in the middle of the Mediterranean. While there, you absolutely must partake in a boat tour of the island. For a couple of hours, you can glide on a beautiful sailboat and enjoy a sublime Grecian sunset. Santorini’s red beach, an outcropping of crimson red volcanic rock, contrasts beautifully with the sparkling teal waters. If you don’t mind a hike, climb up to Santorini’s active volcano.

A trip to Greece would not be complete without a stay in Athens. Visit the historic ruins of the ancient city, like the Acropolis and the Parthenon, or take a day trip to Delphi to stare in awe at the Sanctuary of Apollo.

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