Discover Beneficial Tactics to Drive Website Traffic That Aren’t SEO

SEO can be incredibly effective, but you should also consider all the other ways you can boost web traffic and implement them into your overall marketing strategy. Now more than ever, more people buy products and services online, so you may want to consider implementing one or more of these tactics to drive website traffic that aren’t SEO.

Video Content

Video is becoming one of the most powerful aspects of content marketing. Video content can increase website traffic since its more engaging than blogs or images. YouTube and Vimeo channels are easy ways to introduce people to your brand and potentially bring them to your site.

Social Media

Social media continues to be an important tool for online businesses. It can increase awareness and humanize your brand. Social media also provides a space for dialogue between your business and the consumer. Organic, non-paid search results are ideal for any company, but paid social advertising can be instrumental to your success. Paying for social advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is another effective way to bring new visitors to your site.

Email Marketing

Email marketing makes it easier for your business to promote services and products. We recommend that your business sends out a weekly newsletter designed to keep your consumers interested. Email marketing can also be used as a channel to engage with your customers.

Guest Blogging

Blogging for other websites expands your brand. Having your company name appear in other spaces only improves your credibility within the industry. To become a guest blogger, you’ll need to partner with businesses and websites who share a similar target audience or reside in the same industry as you.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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