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9 Winter Must-Haves to Keep in Your Car

Winter is fraught with danger: there’s black ice on the roads, below-freezing winds, and mountains of slush and snow to drive through. If you find yourself in a compromising situation this winter, you’ll want to have the right things to keep in your car for winter emergencies.

So pay attention! These are some essential things to keep in your car for winter emergencies. The best kind of driver is a prepared driver, so spare a few minutes to ensure that your vehicle is prepared this winter.

Sturdy Ice Scraper and Snow Brush

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This will be your most-used tool for efficient snow removal. You can’t always trust your local weatherman, because snowfall can hit when you least expect it. Travel with this on hand to eliminate the dreadful possibility of an icy car with little visibility.

Small Shovel

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Need to dig yourself out of a snowy road? Keep a small shovel in your trunk so you can clear a path to drive.

Emergency Flares

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If you’ve been in an accident during a snow storm or at night, your car may not be easily visible to other drivers. If you have road flares, you can arrange them around your car to ensure that others avoid hitting you and to let emergency vehicles know where you are.

Rock Salt

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Things like rock salt and kitty litter will help your tires gain traction should you be stuck in a snowy situation.

First Aid Kit

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This could be crucial to your safety or that of someone else if a crash happens. A first aid kit is essential year-round, but it’s especially important to have one available during the winter.

Antifreeze Windshield Washer Fluid

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Make sure your windshield washer fluid has antifreeze properties so it can clear up your windshield and maximize visibility.

Jumper Cables

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Cold weather can affect your car battery and prevent your car from starting. Having a dead battery also means you can’t warm your car, which is especially dangerous in the winter. Don’t let this happen to you—carry jumper cables in your car, and make sure you know how to use them.

Water and Non-Perishable Snacks

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Snacks are good, always. They’re especially handy if you’re stuck waiting in the freezing cold for someone to jump start your car. In more dire circumstances, like being far from major roads and cities, you’ll definitely want snacks to get you through a long wait.

Blankets and Cold-Weather Accessories

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If your car doesn’t start, or even if it takes a long time to heat up, blankets, gloves, and hats will make you a little more comfortable and warm. If you need to go outside for any reason, you won’t have to worry about freezing cold hands.

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Written by Logan Voss

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