Remote Control by Andy McNab

Remote Control by Andy McNab – A Thriller With A Twist

I actually enjoyed this book despite the rather unlikely storyline. It did give the author a chance to educate his readers to some extent through the eyes of a little girl. I rather liked the idea of having a 7-year-old girl in tow, who of course, he had to save, but also time was spent in encouraging her to use her own courage and resourcefulness. One does have to suspend one’s belief when reading this tale, but if one can do that then it is a very good read.

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Andy McNab was a member of the SAS until 1993, so I guess he writes with the experience to back it up. Since he is using his own experiences, the book had a ring of authenticity, which most books of this genre seem to lack.

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The story is fast paced in parts but slower on other parts and tended to be a little bit repetitive. This meant I could happily put the book aside to do other things. However, he kept up the suspense right to the very end.

This is the first of his Nick Stone series, published in 1998. and I look forward to reading some more.

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